A Guide to Beat The Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Previously, we’ve covered how to beat all the Gym Leaders across Paldea effectively and after doing that, the final challenge awaits the Victory Road path.

In all of the Pokemon games, the Elite Four is seen as the final test for the players and they are far stronger than any of the Gym Leaders in the games. All the Elite Four members have a very powerful team and can punish players that don’t know what’s coming.

Not to worry though, we’re here to help! So let’s start prepping you for a smooth experience to becoming a Paldean Champion!


Rika elite four guide scarlet and violet


1. Rika


Rika’s team includes:


  • Level 57 Whiscash (Water/Ground)
  • Level 57 Camerupt (Fire/Ground)
  • Level 57 Donphan (Ground)
  • Level 57 Dugtrio (Ground)
  • Level 58 Clodsire (Ground/Poison)


Rika specialises in Ground-type Pokemons and her team might look beefy on paper, 2 of her Pokemon—Whiscash and Camerupt—have x4 weakness you can abuse.

For Whiscash, a strong Grass-type attack will most likely take it out in a single turn, same for with Camerupt with a Water move. As for the others, you can pretty much take it out with 1-2 solid Grass or Water moves and it’s best to use Special attacks as their Sp.Def aren’t that high.

One thing to note is Dugtrio though. Make sure to knock it out as quickly as possible because if it manages to set up Sandstorm, you might have a hard time hitting him with its Sand Veil ability. Focus on raw-strong and powerful super effective moves and they’ll all bite the dust soon enough.


poppy elite four guide scarlet and violet


2. Poppy


Poppy’s team includes:


  • Level 58 Copperajah (Steel)
  • Level 58 Magnezone (Steel/Electric)
  • Level 58 Bronzong (Steel/Psychic)
  • Level 58 Corviknight (Steel/Flying)
  • Level 59 Tinkaton (Steel/Fairy)


Poppy might small and cute, but her team is nothing cute and hits hard. Steel typing is generally considered one of the best types in the game. They resist a lot of attacks and they have a lot of annoying moves that can disrupt the flow of the game.

That said, all of Poppy’s Pokemon have a universal weakness of Fire, so that is a route you might want to venture into. Do be careful though, her Copperajah and Bronzong have Ground moves coverage in High Horsepower and Earthquake which will hurt your Fire Pokemon.

The best Pokemon here are Talonflame to check Copperajah and Houndoom can safely deal with the rest, especially with Tinkaton which is her ace in the hole.


larry elite four guide scarlet and violet


3. Larry


Larry’s team includes:


  • Level 59 Tropius (Flying/Grass)
  • Level 59 Oricorio (Flying/Electric)
  • Level 59 Altaria (Flying/Dragon)
  • Level 59 Staraptor (Flying/Normal)
  • Level 60 Flamigo (Flying/Fighting)


Surprise, surprise, Larry is actually a member of the Elite Four and this time around, he has something different up his sleeve.

Instead of using Normal types, he is now a master of Flying Pokemons and his team is pretty solid. While it would make sense to use Electric against his typing, many of his Pokemon have great checks for Electric Pokemon. These Pokemon are Tropius, Oricorio and Altaria.

Alternatively, we recommend using Rock-type moves like Rock Slide or Stone Edge. Pokemon that are quick and excel at this are Lycanroc and Tyranitar. And if you don’t have them, even Garchomp and Clodsire with Rock moves are decent picks.


hassel elite four guide scarlet and vioelt


4. Hassel


Hassel’s team includes:


  • Level 60 Noivern (Dragon/Flying)
  • Level 60 Haxorus (Dragon)
  • Level 60 Dragalge (Dragon/Poison)
  • Level 60 Flapple (Dragon/Grass)
  • Level 61 Baxcalibur (Dragon/Ice)


Like with most final member of the Elite Four, Hassel has a team of Dragon-types that have high stats with some even rivalling Legendaries.

Luckily though, all of his Pokemon don’t have Dragon Dance which has been a killer for many players in previous games. Plus, with the addition of Fairy Pokemons, the Dragon-type isn’t as scary as before.

If you are going to use Fairy Pokemons against Hassel, be wary of Dragalge as Sludge Bomb will be a threat. The best candidate here is the newly added Tinkaton. It literally resist or is neutral to all the attacks of Hassel’s Pokemon. Using Tinkaton will make this fight a walk in the park.


geeta guide scarlet and violet


5. Top Champion Geeta


Geeta’s team includes:


  • Level 61 Espartha (Psychic)
  • Level 61 Gogoat (Grass)
  • Level 61 Veluza (Water/Psychic)
  • Level 61 Avalugg (Ice)
  • Level 61 Kingambit (Steel/Dark)
  • Level 62 Glimmora (Rock/Poison)


The job’s not done after beating the Elite Four as to become the Champion, you will be facing against the top champion herself, Geeta.

Despite not specialising in one particular type, her Pokemon are not that intimidating. Make sure to have Dark, Fighting and Fire type at your disposal. Espartha and Veluza are pretty fast Pokemon but with a strong Dark physical move like Night Slash, they go down quick.

Kingambit is an interesting addition to the franchise and is a brilliant addition to the Pawniard line but suffers from the same problem of being x4 weak to Fighting moves. Use one and it’ll be gone in a jiffy.

Her ace Glimmora might catch many off guard as it isn’t seen at all throughout the game. Naturally, its dual Rock/Poison, but Geeta will immediately terrastalise it to a Rock type. Use this to your advantage and finish it off with a Fighting/Ground/Water move.


nemona guide scarlet and violet


6. Champion Nemona


Nemona’s team includes:


  • Level 65 Lycanroc (Rock)
  • Level 65 Orthworm (Steel)
  • Level 65 Goodra (Dragon)
  • Level 65 Pawmot (Electric/Fighting)
  • Level 65 Dundunsparce (Normal)
  • Level 66 The starter (final evolution of course) that is type-weak to the starter you chose


Nope! Even after defeating Geeta, it is not the end. The final hurdle you would need to face is none other than your rival Nemona. This time, she isn’t playing around and her team is highly levelled with a good variety of Pokemons.

Her first 2 Pokemon aren’t anything special. Fighting type will end them in a flash. If you have a Lucario, they pretty much go down with an Aura Sphere. Pawmot might be quick but if you’re levelled enough, a single Ground move like Earthquake or Bulldoze can do the trick.

Goodra and Dundunsparce are both her tanks. With them, you most likely need a couple of attacks to take them down. Luckily, they don’t have very threatening moves so, keep your Pokemon healthy with potions and they will soon go down to your attacks.

And at last, her starter which she will always terrastalise. Counter this by terrastalising your own starter and finish her off as you will surely have the type advantage here.

Congrats! You are now the Champion and the best Trainer in all of Paldea! We hope that this guide will give you insight into how to overcome the Elite Four and the two Champions. And if you wish to purchase both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, be sure to get them using our Nintendo eShop Gift Cards here!


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