A Newbie’s Guide to Thymesia

FromSoftware is perhaps the most well-known for its overwhelmingly difficult souls-like and souls-borne games. They’re challenging and their welcomeness to death has developed a cult following among many hardcore gamers.

Following the success of these games, it is only natural that there will be other attempts at the souls-like genre from other game studios. Recently, there was one souls-like game that caught our attention, it was developed by OverBorder Studio called Thymesia.

Being a souls-like game, Thymesia is very punishing and difficult. As such, players will definitely need all the help they can get and like our Elden Ring guide, we’re to help again!

Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the tips and tricks that you can put up your sleeve while playing Thymesia!

So, let’s get started!


Thymesia Memories


Spend Your Memories


Whenever you slay enemies, you will pick up Memories. Memories are essential resources for you to make your character stronger. They are to be used on Beacons where you can upgrade your stats and unlock other much-needed perks.

However, the real reason why we recommend players to use their Memories whenever they can is because Memories are dropped upon your death—and you will die a lot. That said, you can return to the death spot to reclaim the dropped memories, but who would want to go through that hassle right?


Thymesia play aggressively


Thymesia Allows You To Play Aggressively


Most souls-like games have a stamina bar. The stamina dictates how often your character can perform an action and that includes attacking. Fortunately, Thymesia does not have this mechanic, allowing players the freedom to be more aggressive in their playstyle.

Besides that, players will also not be severely punished for rolling. Use this to your advantage by dodging enemy attacks between your attacks to minimise damage taken. Ultimately, you would want to stay on the offensive while also being evasive with minimal cost.

Even with such an uncommon perk, Thymesia isn’t a game where you can button-mash your way through. At the end of the day, you will still need to analyse and predict enemy—especially bosses—movements to get through the tougher parts of the game.


Upgrading Potions Thymesia


Upgrade Your Potions


Without the help of your potions, you will not last against bosses or strong mobs of enemies. Potions are your most basic form of survival and it is always a good idea to keep them upgraded from time to time.

In Thymesia, there are technically 2 ways you can improve your potions. One of which is increasing the number of held potions with the other increasing the healing amount. Naturally, we would recommend having both perks, but early on, resources can be hard to come by.

For starters, we recommend focusing on upgrading the healing amount as during combat, rarely would you get the chance to take a gulp from your potions. When you have the chance, you would want to make that opportunity count. That is where the healing amount gets its value.


Talents Thymesia Upgrade


Adapting and Changing Your Talents


One thing that we love about Thymesia is that you can change your Talents in one playthrough. It is a perk seen commonly in MMORPGs and it is awesome to see it make its way to the souls-like genre.

With this talent-changing perk, you can greatly increase your gameplay’s efficiency in different scenarios. For instance, if you feel that your character requires more training, you can change your Talents into a more farm-oriented one for the best output.

This is also super handy when it comes to tackling different bosses. Each boss is unique with its own attacks and movements. Players can therefore adapt by altering their Talents where they can optimise the best build to take on different bosses.


Levelling Up Thymesia


Levelling Up


It’s pretty simple. The higher your character level, the stronger your character is. Hence, if you feel that your character is particularly weak, grind some more levels to make it more powerful!

Levelling up gives you the luxury of investing in both Attributes and Talents. To break it down, Attributes improve your base stats like HP, Damage and Energy. On the other hand, Talents give you extra abilities like new attacks and movements.

If you were to ask us which is better, we honestly couldn’t say, as it is very dependent on your personal playstyle. Are you a conservative player that prefers to stick to the basics? Go for Attributes. Prefer a flashier approach with many variations to your play style? Investing in Talents then will be the right option.


Embracing Death Thymesia


Welcoming Death


We think it is widely accepted that souls-like is synonymous with death. These games are never meant for the casuals and dying is considered part of the gameplay.

Assume every death as a lesson. Upon every death, try to pick up the enemies’/bosses’ movements to get better at predicting and countering their moves. It will take time but once you have a feel and managed to pick up the pace of the game, the reward is super satisfying.

Ready to die a lot? Hopefully, this guide will help you die a lot less! And if you’re planning to get this game on Steam, be sure to purchase it using our Steam Wallet Codes here!


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