A Quick Look at Each Elden Ring Classes

A Quick Look at Each Elden Ring Classes


Elden Ring is easily the most talked-about game at the moment and with its popularity, it also comes with some headaches.

For instance, getting the game to run on a mid-tier PC has already proved to be a challenge and once we’ve got the game running, creating our main character can also be extremely vexing!

Like most classic RPGs, character creation will probably take up the first few hours of game time. Plus, with Elden Ring being as punishing as the previous Souls games, you would definitely want to give your class choice a thought before stepping into the Lands Between.

So the question lies—which class should I choose? Well, today we’re going over each class and we will let you decide which class is best suited for your playstyle.


Warrior Elden Ring Class



Like to end your enemies quickly and elegantly? Despite how most RPG games’ version of a traditional Warrior class will depict a brute in action, Elden Ring’s Warrior adaptation is much more versatile.

Focusing mainly on the DEX stat, the Warrior class in Elden Ring is quick on its feet and can easily dodge away from enemy attacks. If you are someone who enjoys evading and is an opportunist when it comes to offence, the Warrior’s playstyle will definitely suit you.

The Warrior class begins the game wielding 2 Scimitars and a shield.


Vagabond Elden Ring Class



Often praised as a class that is very beginner-friendly due to its generous starting Strength and Dexterity.

And since there are tons of great weapons like Colossal Swords and Curved Greatswords that will benefit from both of the aforementioned stats.

Plus, boasting the highest Vigor stats out of all the classes, the Vagabond can take a hit or two and many classes would have gotten the “You Died” message across their screens.

If Elden Ring is your first soulslike game, choosing Vagabond as your starting class may not be such a bad option.


Astrologer Elden Ring Class



Not a big fan of huge swords and sharp blades? Check out the Astrologer class which has the highest INT stat that excels with spellcasting.

Having two strong spells at the start of the game, the Astrologer is great in wiping out weaker enemies efficiently, but you might see some trouble fighting the earlier bosses.

And since you would need to use FP to cast your spells, you might need to manage your FP properly if you want to bring out the best in an Astrologer.


Prophet Elden Ring Class



The Prophet is a class that hurts and heals at the same time. Prophets gain access to both Heal and Catch Flame spells at the start of the game which players would need to juggle to get good at the class.

Similar to the Astrologer class, FP management is extremely important with Prophet as, without your skills, you will only be left with your Short Spear and Finger Seal.

As you progress through the game, players will also have the ability to summon spirits and Prophets can use their healing abilities to heal the spirits while they are kiting the boss.

Definitely much more complex than the Vagabond class but it is super fun once you’ve got the FP management and skill timings right.


Hero Elden Ring



Heroes in Elden Ring are the full-strength brutes that are typically called “warriors” in other RPG games.

They solely focus on Strength and could not be bothered with casting spells. Therefore, if you are looking for a class that requires a minimal game plan when it comes to class approach, Hero is the choice for you.

Excelling in Axes, Clubs and Greatswords, the Hero class can deal considerable amounts of damage but will have to forgo the art of magic and elegance.


Bandit Elden Ring Class



This stealth-based class is perhaps one of the harder to master classes in Elden Ring.

To fully utilise the Bandit class, players will need expertise in parrying, backstabbing and an eye in hitting the enemies’ weak points.

Thus, this class requires a lot of game planning and might not be the best for first-time soulslike players as you will need to be aware of the game’s mechanics, timings and boss behaviour to bring out the best in the Bandit class.


Samurai Elden Ring



Miss Sekiro? While the Samurai class will not bless you with all the amazing powers of Wolf, it is still one of the more fun classes to venture with in the Lands Between.

Equipped with a sword and bow to start the game, the Samurai can both be played as a melee or a ranged class. In terms of stats, it is pretty much similar to Vagabonds, when it comes to emphasis on Strength and Dexterity, but might not be as tanky as them.


Confessor Elden Ring Class



The Confessor class is a blend between the art of blades and the mystic arts. As such, Confessors can hold their own with a blade at hand while also casting some extremely useful spells like Urgent Heal.

In a way, you can think of Confessors as a class that is closer to the traditional “Paladin” classes without the armour and endurance as Confessors are more stealthy and tend to excel with backstabbing through their Assassin’s Approach skill.


Prisoner Elden Ring Class



Prisoners are very similar to the Confessor class as they are also masters of both the blade and magic. Having a respectable amount of starting Intelligence and Dexterity, the Prisoner class is capable of dishing out powerful spells like its signature Magic Glintblade.

Plus, with its Rift shield equipped, Prisoners can also go on the defensive if need be and parry attacks if players are good enough to gauge the timing properly.

Wretch Elden Ring



Arguably the hardest starting class to play as you are essentially naked when it comes to equipment and you’ll have to do some serious treasure hunting to get yourself some gears to progress.

Many find Wretches to be interesting because the Wretch has very even starting stats, making it a jack of all trades, a wild card amongst all the classes.

Despite its uniqueness, we still wouldn’t recommend it to newcomers as Elden Ring is already super punishing and if you do not know what you are doing, picking Wretch will probably mean you would have to restart at some point.


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