A Selfie Stick For MacBooks Is Definitely Out There

Yes, Selfie Sticks is part of the masses now. We can’t avoid it, and more people will be using it as time goes by. But a Selfie Stick for Macbooks?

macbook selfie stick

Thankfully, the Macbook Selfie Stick doesn’t seem to be an official product (yet). In fact, pictures of people using the Macbook selfie stick is actually an art piece by Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle. The trio has been known to create technology-centered art pieces in the past, with the Macbook Selfie Stick being their latest creation.

While it’s mostly likely that the Macbook Selfie Stick is a commentary on society with its selfie obsession, we can’t help but wonder that someone, somewhere down the line will probably make the Macbook Selfie Stick a reality and sell it.

You can head over to their site here to see more pictures of people taking pictures using a Macbook with a selfie stick. (Yep, I just wrote that).

Source: Macbookselfiestick.com