A Simulated Universe Guide for Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Guide
Photo Credits: miHoYo

The Simulated Universe of Honkai: Star Rail will take you on a mind-bending journey and pit you against some formidable foes. In these worlds, the lines between reality and simulation are blurred. 

In this Simulated Universe guide, we’ll explore each world, ideal team combos for each one and tips for defeating their bosses. 

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Before we dive into each World, let’s talk about what the Simulated Universe is, how to unlock it and the perks it offers.

What is the Simulated Universe?

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe
Photo Credits: miHoYo

The Simulated Universe is a rogue-like mode where you face a series of combat scenarios, and you get rewards for participating. You’ll build teams of four and face your foes in an enclosed environment. The ultimate goal is to defeat the end boss of this world.

The enemies are randomly generated, and new rewards are available each week.

As you make your way through the universe, you’ll earn ability points that you can put into a universe-only skill tree.

How to Unlock It

Honkai Star Rail Herta
Photo Credits: miHoYo

To unlock the Simulated Universe, you first have to complete a side quest from Herta after you finish the tutorial mission. 

To enter this unique game mode, you’ll need to head to the Master Control Zone of Herta’s Space Station. 

  • First, interact with the portal to choose the world you want to challenge.
  • Next, you’ll need to create your team by choosing four characters from your roster.

These four characters are the only ones you’ll be able to use while you’re in the Simulated Universe, so make your decision carefully. The only time you can add more characters is when you reach one of the rest areas.

What Perks Do You Get?

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Rewards
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The Simulated Universe is the source for Herta Bond, which you can use to buy items from Herta’s Store.

Don’t hesitate to spend your Herta Bonds, as you can’t use them anywhere else.

Progressing through the different worlds will also earn you points. Reaching a certain number of points will award you with Herta Bonds as well as:

  • Credit
  • Lost Gold Fragments
  • Stellar Jade
  • Tracks of Destiny
  • Star Rail Pass

Beating bosses and elite monsters can also earn you:

  • Planar Sphere
  • Link Rope

As your Equilibrium Level increases, your points tier will also increase, which will give you more rewards.

Whenever you enter a room in the Simulated Universe, you will face either an event or enemies – sometimes both.

Each time you beat an enemy, you’ll have the chance to choose one of three buffs that appear. You can upgrade these buffs using in-universe currency, but they only last for the duration of the run in that particular world.

Sometimes, you’ll find Curios in the Simulated Universe, and these are permanent buffs within the Simulated Universe.

World 1

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 1
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Best Elements: Quantum, Physical and Wind

In the Simulated Universe, World 1 has the lowest difficulty level and enemies ranging from levels 13-16. These enemies are vulnerable against:

  • Physical 
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Quantum
  • Imaginary

Choosing the best team composition is crucial if you want to defeat all of the enemies and bosses in this world.

Here are some team comps you can use to exploit these enemy weaknesses:

Seele, Bronya, Pela and Natasha

Selee is one of the best DPS characters you can choose for World 1 because the enemy bosses are vulnerable to Quantum.

Bronya and Pela are great supports for Selee to help counter enemy damage and debuffs. Natasha’s healing will keep everyone alive and break physical weaknesses.

Yanqing, Asta, Gepard and Natasha

With Remembrance blessings, this team composition can be a strong one in World 1. Yanqing can deal some serious damage as long as she doesn’t get hurt and enemies are crowd controlled. 

Gepard’s role will be to protect Yanqing with his shield.

World 1 Boss Tips

  • Focus on taking down one enemy at a time. 
  • The Ice Out of Space boss can freeze your teammates, so consider taking him down first.
  • Collect Remembrance blessings to cash Freeze more often.
  • Path of Resonance will allow you to deal a ton of ice damage. 

World 2

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 2
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Best Elements: Lightning and Ice

When you enter World 2, you’ll be on a combat floor. To get to the next floor, you’ll need to defeat 3-4 waves of enemies. Whenever you beat a wave, you’ll be able to choose one of three blessings. 

Be on the lookout for destructible objects in the area, which will give you Cosmic Fragments.

While the general structure of World 2’s rooms is randomly generated, there are some things that will always be the same: 

  • There are 13 rooms in total.
  • The elite bosses are in the 4th and 8th rooms.
  • Rest areas will be located on floors 5, 9 and 12.

Team compositions for World 2 should be focused on Lightning and Ice damage, as most enemies will be weak to these elements.

Here are some suggestions for optimal team compositions for World 2:

Himeko, Pela, Bailu and Tingyun

Himeko’s AoE damage is some of the best in the game, which makes her a great choice for World 2. 

Pela’s debuffs will give you an advantage, and Tingyun can boost Himeko’s damage. Bailu will take care of the healing and break lightning weaknesses.

Yanqing, Tingyun, Bailu and Gepard

Yanqing is a great character for World 2, especially with a lot of Remembrance Blessings. Gepard’s shield will protect Yanqing and keep the Soulsteel Sync buff going.

Bailu will keep the team healed and deal with lightning weaknesses. Tingyun’s buff will increase Yanging’s damage.

World 2 Boss Tips

  • Focus on taking down the spiders first.
  • AoE attackers really excel in World 2, as both bosses are weak to ice and lightning.
  • Stack up on Remembrance Blessings, so you can freeze bosses more frequently.

World 3

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 3
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Best Elements: Physical, Lightning and Imaginary

The first floor of World 3 is always combat, and you’ll face 3-4 waves of enemies. To progress to the next floor, you’ll either need to take down all of these enemies or interact with all of the required elements on the floor.

Enemies and bosses in World 3 are weak to physical, imaginary and lightning damage, so you’ll want to focus your team compositions on these vulnerabilities.

Here are some recommendations:

Clara, Welt, Tingyun and Bailu

Clara is the ideal DPS for World 3 because many of the enemies are weak to physical damage. Tingyun can boost her damage and give her the energy she needs to use her Ultimate more often.

Welt is great for slowing down enemies, and you can take advantage of Weakness Break. Bailu is a great healer to have on your side, and she can also use her normal attacks to break weaknesses.

Sushang, Welt, Tingyun and Natasha

Sushang has high physical damage, which makes her another excellent DPS option. Tingyun will boost her damage and use Energy Regeneration to help her use her Ultimate more often.

Welt will slow enemies down, allowing Sushang to deal as much damage as possible. 

World 3 Boss Tips

  • Take down Gepard’s two soldiers first. They’ll attack you with Gepard at each phase, and their buffs are annoying.
  • Use AoE or Path Resonance: The Hunt to take these soldiers down.
  • When Gepard uses his Garrison Aura Field to protect himself, use the Path of Resonance: The Hunt to deal massive damage to his shield.

World 4

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Best Elements: Lightning, Wind and Fire

In World 4, you’ll once again visit Jarilo-VI and its foes, and you’ll again face Svarog. Throughout your journey in World 4, you’ll face enemies in Jarilo-VI factions and Fragmentum Monsters. 

You shouldn’t have a problem dealing with most of the enemies you’ll face, but some elite enemies and the final boss will give you a run for your money.

Nihility and The Hunt are the most preferred Paths to take in this world. To exploit enemy weaknesses against lightning, wind and fire, consider the following team compositions.

Dan Heng, Serval, Trailblazer and Bailu

With this team comp, you’ll be able to fully exploit Svarog’s and his allies’ weaknesses to lightning and wind. 

You can also use Serval and Dan Heng to free imprisoned allies.

Serval, Sampo, Trailblazer and Bailu

This team combo will work best if you choose the Nihility Path. Sampo and Serval can deal high amounts of damage over time. And if you’re not a fan of Bailu as a healer, you can sub Natasha instead.

World 4 Boss Tips

  • Svarog has three phases, so sustainability is the key to victory.
  • In the first phase, focus your damage on Svarog’s shield and build up Path of Resonance. Once it’s up, use it to deal damage and take out the four robots he summoned.
  • You can use the same strategy for the second phase, but keep everyone’s health topped off, as the robots will deal bleed damage.
  • In the final phase, you’ll need to focus on beating Svarog as fast as possible.
  • For a more conservative approach, save up your Path of Resonance for the final stage.

World 5

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Best Elements: Wind, Imaginary and Physical

As you progress through each world, the combat and bosses become increasingly more difficult. In World 5, you’ll face Kafka, the mysterious Stellaron Hunter. She’s easily one of the most challenging encounters in the game, so be prepared.

In this world, you’ll face enemies from the Antimatter Legion, Xianzhou Luofu factions and Fragmentum Monsters. 

The goal will be to get enough Abundance Blessings to acquire Path Resonance: The Abundance and Resonance Formation – Anicca. 

Team combinations will be as important as ever. Here are some combo suggestions:

Clara, Welt, Bronya and Natasha 

Clara can use her abilities to draw the enemies toward her and deal AoE damage and counterattacks. Bronya and Welt can serve as support by slowing enemies down and boosting Clara’s damage.

Dan Heng, Tingyun, Natasha and Welt

With this team combination, Welt’s primary job will be to slow down enemies so that Dan Heng can deal more damage and take them out. 

You can also use Luocha instead of Natasha, as he also deals imaginary damage.

World 5 Boss Tips

  • Take out Kafka’s guards first.
  • Make sure your supports can remove debuffs.
  • Use Path Resonance: The Abundance to ensure your party survives Kafka’s attacks.
  • Resonance Formation – Anicca will allow you to remove the boss’s dominate status and debuffs.

World 6

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 6
Photo Credits: miHoYo

Best Elements: Fire, Quantum and Lightning

In World 6, you and your teammates will once again face Cocolia and her supportive daughter. Cocolia will unleash her final form in this World.

You’ll also face enemies from the Xianzhou Luofu factions and Fragmentum Monsters.

Most of the enemies you face will be weak to quantum, fire and lightning damage, so focus your team combo on exploiting these weaknesses. Here are some suggestions:

Seele, Trailblazer, Welt and Natasha

Here’s a quantum-focused team combo. Seele is one of the best DPS characters to use against Cocolia because she does such high single-target damage. 

Use Welt to increase the amount of damage enemies take and to imprison Bronya. 

Himeko, Serval, Trailblazer and Natasha

Serval and Himeko can both handle elite enemies with ease, so they’re great partners for this World. Their AoE damage is also great for taking out Cocolia’s summons.

World 6 Boss Tips

Always take down the summons first, or they’ll continue to pester you and damage your team.

Bronya should be a priority, so focus on taking her down first.

If you choose the Abundance Path and the Resonance Formation upgrades Anatta and Anicca, you’ll be able to debuff and heal your team more frequently.

Have shields ready for the final phase, where Cocolia will continue summoning structures and charging up her AoE attack.

Final Thoughts

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Guide
Photo Credits: miHoYo

The Simulated Universe opens up a whole new mode of gameplay in Honkai Star Rail, so enjoy the ride. As you progress, combat will get increasingly more difficult and boss fights will last longer. Don’t try to rush your way through each World, and don’t expect to beat them all right away.

If you’re stuck, check out gamers on Twitch or YouTube for tips and tricks. And don’t forget to read our guide 8 Beginner Tips for Honkai: Star Rail Starters.

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