A Streaming Service For Comic-Con Will Launch On May 7th

Comic-Con is often regarded as the Mecca for geeks and nerds where they can proudly display their love for their fandom to the masses. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to travel all the way to Comic-Con and experience it.

Which is why the people behind San Diego Comic-Con are teaming up with Lionsgate to launch a streaming service that will live stream SDCC, plus original programmings, scripted and unscripted series, and even classic sci-fi and fantasy titles.

Basically, it’s the Netflix for geeks.

Comic-Con HQ

The service will be called Comic-Con HQ and will be having a soft launch on May 7th with a paid subscription model. Pricing has not been announced yet but those that sign up won’t be charged until it formally launches in June.

Content wise, Comic-Con HQ promises to live stream the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con and will also have original programming from former X-Play host Adam Sessler and former Attack of the Show host Kevin Perreira. Sessler’s will host an interview series while Perreira is set to executive produce a few shows on comics, gaming, and science, along with a late night talk show project.

No details yet on international availability but if Comic-Con HQ is successful, then it’ll be the next best thing that geeks and nerds will have to experience Comic-Con without actually going.

Source: Comic-Con HQ