Age Of Kungfu – CBT & OBT Events

Promotion Period: 25th July 2014 – 31st August 2014

Promotion Info:

CBT (21/7 – 31/7 )

Starter Pack sales: Players who purchase the pack during Close Beta (21/7 – 31/7 ), extra 60Gold (worth RM30) will be given during we return the pack to players in Open Beta. The starter pack selling price will be RM60.

The starter pack contains:

1. 60 Days Jianghu VIP (江湖名俊)
2. 7 day Windrider (speed up the walking / 御风神水)
3. 7 day Fashion set
4. Mountain TianShan Snow x 1 (天山雪莲丹)

The pack is only available at Webmall, each account only can purchase 1 pack.

OBT (9/8 – 31/8)

[First top up event]: Player who allocate 10 Gold (RM5) and above for AOK the first time during 9/8 – 31/8 will receive 5 Days VIP.

[Jianghu VIP purchase event]: Purchase Jianghu VIP 30 days thru and will receive Mountain Snow lotus*5

For more information, please visit: Age Of Kungfu Official Site.

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