Age of Kungfu (SEA) – Fortune Pack (AUG 2015) Promotion

Event Date: Event ended on August 16, 2015 23:00 (GMT+7)

Purchase this limited edition pack during the event period on OffGamers and get a chance to receive extra rewards!

Age Of Kungfu (SEA)

Special Offer:
Fortune pack = 880 Cubits
Note: First come first served basis.

Fortune Pack contains the following items:

1. Fire Washing Platform ×2pcs

2. Hunyuan Tendon-changing Pill ×20pcs

3. Bai Xiao sheng’s Weapon Manual (Superior) ×15pcs

4. Hundred Years Snow Lotus ×5pcs

5. 30 Days Jianghu VIP

Stand a chance to claim EXTRA REWARDS below while you redeem the code :

a) 250 Gold / 300 Gold
b) Hundred Transformations Scroll Fragmentb ×6
c) Taichi Fist (Ancient Manual) Scroll Fragment ×1
d) Taoist Divination (EXPERT) ×1
e) Unexpected Skill scroll Fragment ×5
f) Demon Bite Pills ×4
g) Daughter’s Wine ×4
h) JinLing Pig-Iron Chopping Block ×1
i) Jinling Exquisite Loom ×2


– Age of Kungfu team has the right to change the mechanics, rules and prizes without prior notice.
– Late participation on the event is not allowed and will not be included as event participants.
– By joining this event, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions given by the organizer.

For more information, please visit: Age Of Kungfu Official Site.

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