Age of Wonders Planetfall Just Release The New Tyrannosaurus Update

Triumph Studios developed the new content with the goal of perfecting and adding to the rich gameplay to make things easier for newcomers to jump into the action.

The Planetfall team and community have banded together to make this the most expansive gameplay update Age of Wonders: Planetfall has released since its launch in August 2019. Players will be able to experience long-requested features such as the addition of even greater ranges for difficulty settings. Multiple sliders can be adjusted to change how much resistance will be faced for a very casual or extremely intense game.

age of wonders planetfall units

In addition, the new Exploration Sites provide an added layer of strategy and gameplay to the mid-game phase awarding unit buffs and economic bonuses. A returning fan-favorite feature is also coming back in this update, ‘No Colonizer Mode’ which gives players the ability to block colonizers from creating new colonies making battles much more military-focused with smaller scale empires. The Tyrannosaurus update is now live on all versions of the game.