Alchemy Stars Crossover with Persona 5

New characters from P5, and follow an all-new situation in the popular mobile game, Alchemy Stars.

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Previously the 1st Anniversary celebration, mobile tactical RPG game Alchemy Stars continues the party, where this time collaborating with the characters from Persona 5. Players have been saving those free lumambers from the anniversary promotion, as they can recruit five characters from Persona 5 along with playing a special crossover scenario among the Phantom Thieves of Hearts themselves. New players can download the game free from Google Play and iOS stores accordingly.

The crossover happens from 14 July till 3 August, hence there is still time to log into the game and claim the promotional freebies. Fans of Alchemy Stars are offered to get a playable character from Persona 5, Mona.

Other than playing as Mona, players are also able to enjoy a whole new scenario, which sees other Persona 5 characters participating in the action like Joker, Queen, Fox, and Violet. Once the player gets those characters, they still can play as powerful warriors from the Persona 5 universe.

The new circumstance sees the Alchemy Stars Spiritweaver himself, Luke, fighting against the forces of evil that have overtaken his land of Umbraton. The Umbraton Mercenary Squad’s own Deputy Commander clashing with shadowy enemies that have taken over his stomping ground. Players can beat these annoying enemies and deal with bandit attacks by including the help of Joker and Queen.

The scenario is peppered with tropes from the Persona 5 game, hence the franchise is likely to see plenty they recognize from the title, together with the new playable Alchemy Stars characters from Persona 5. Expect to see plenty of artistic details from the SEGA/Altus game as Luke charges around Astra beating his new Persona 5 Shadow enemy with aplomb.




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