The aliens has taken over and this might be the last chance for us, humans to kick their ass and take back what is rightfully ours!

This explosive shooter takes you on a Xeno slaughter fest – right here on our home turf.


Alienation features three classes which each has it’s amazing yet unique skills, four players dropping-in and out online co-op, looting system (which is a new feature for Housemarque), a RPG progression and the biggest, most colourful explosions Housemarque has ever pulled off.

Featured Images:

alienation-screen-11-ps4-eu-16jun15      alienation-screen-12-ps4-eu-16jun15

alienation-screen-13-ps4-eu-16jun15      alienation-screen-14-ps4-eu-16jun15

alienation-screen-15-ps4-eu-16jun15      alienation-screen-16-ps4-eu-16jun15

alienation-screen-17-ps4-eu-16jun15      alienation-screen-18-ps4-eu-16jun15

alienation-screen-19-ps4-eu-16jun15      alienation-screen-20-ps4-eu-16jun15

alienation-screen-21-ps4-eu-16jun15      alienation-screen-22-ps4-eu-16jun15

Brute_action_01      destruction_01

hero_vs_brute_2      popcorn_horde

It is also official from the developer on the release date for ALIENATION!



What are you waiting for? Pre-Order it now!

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