All Meta Heroes in MLBB with Gameplay and Counters

All Meta Heroes in MLBB with Gameplay and Counters
Photo Credits: Moonton

Over the last five years, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) has grown its roster to more than 100 heroes. With that many heroes, you’ll never get bored, but such a huge selection can make it super difficult to find the best heroes.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the top heroes in MLBB along with their gameplay mechanics and counters.

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Meta shifts from time to time, but these are the best heroes to use right now (in no particular order).

Lapu Lapu

MLBB Lapu Lapu
Photo Credits: Moonton

Lapu Lapu is a Fighter/Assassin with a Charge/Burst speciality. Armed with area of effect (AoE) damage, dash, stun and crowd control abilities, Lapu Lapu can take down squishy enemies with ease. His passive shield (Homeland Defender) also allows him to initiate fights and keep opponents from moving.

His skills include: 

  • Justice Blades: Release two boomerangs in the target direction, dealing 140 damage per boomerang.
  • Jungle Warrior: Dash and deal 100 physical damage to enemies along the way.
  • Bravest Fighter: Leap to the target location and combine his twin blades to deal 300 damage to nearby enemies and slow them.

Lapu Lapu is also a super-efficient Jungler, so you can use him to rack up EXP and Gold super quickly.

Lapu Lapu Counters

  • Akai: May prevent you from casting Lapu Lapu’s ultimate.
  • Benedetta: She can dodge most of Lapu Lapu’s attacks and dash away with each basic attack. She can also block crowd-control abilities.
  • Esmeralda: She can counter virtually all melee heroes thanks to her absorb shields. Her crowd control and gap closer skills make her a great counter to Lapu Lapu. 


MLBB Hayabusa
Photo Credits: Moonton

Hayabusa is an Assassin with impressive offensive abilities and effects. He’s extremely versatile and can easily be slotted into a variety of roles.

With his high damage and mobility, Hayabusa is favoured by many MLBB players. Just take a look at his skills:

  • Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken: Shoot three shuriken in the target direction, each dealing 150 damage to enemies and slowing them.
  • Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow: Dash in the target direction and release four phantoms that will attach to enemies in their path and slow them down. Hayabusa teleports to one of the phantom’s locations, dealing damage if it’s attached to an enemy.
  • Ougi: Shadow Kill: Deal 6 single-target attacks to an enemy.
  • Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow: Attacks apply a stack of Shadow Mark, increasing Hayabusa’s damage.

Hayabusa Counters

  • Aurora: Her freeze ability will keep Hayabusa from making any moves, giving her teammates time to take you down.
  • Sun: His Clone Techniques, Endless Variety and Swift Exchange skills make Sun a formidable opponent for Hayabusa. Because Sun becomes un-targetable during these moves, it’s impossible to dodge them.
  • Khufra: He can prevent Hayabusa from teleporting in the shadows, and physical defense items can reduce Hayabusa’s damage.


MLBB Valentina
Photo Credits: Moonton

Master Valentina’s gameplay and you can easily change the tide in any battle. Her power curve is virtually limitless, and the ability to get creative with her moves makes her a fan favourite.

Valentina’s durability and offence are top-notch, but she can be tricky to master.

Her skills include:

  • Shadow Strike: Deals 350 magic damage to enemies hit and slows them for one second. Hit enemies are marked with Shadow Sigil and will be terrified if hit again with Shadow Strike.
  • Arcane Shade: Dash in the target direction and launch 3 Shadow Bolts at enemies.
  • I Am You: Slow the target and steal their ultimate ability. Using their ultimate will transform her into the enemy’s form and use their basic attack for up to 12 seconds.
  • Primal Force: Gain up to 50 additional EXP each time she deals damage to enemy heroes. 30% of the damage dealt is converted into HP if the enemy’s level is lower than hers.

Valentina Counters

  • Natalia: She can take out squishy heroes in a heartbeat. Her conceal state keeps her in the shadows and makes her unpredictable, and her silencing ability can prevent attacks.
  • Kagura: Excellent crowd control, burst damage and gap closer abilities. 
  • Gusion: His burst damage and deadly combos can easily take down Valentina.


MLBB Wanwan
Photo Credits: Moonton

Wanwan is a slippery hero that can get herself out of trouble in the blink of an eye. She’s an abusive little Carry/Marksman, so if you get a kick out of punishing newbies, she’s the right hero for the job.

Wanwan’s skills include:

  • Swallow’s Path: Toss a Fire Swallow in the target direction, which triggers Tiger Pace and deals physical damage to enemies. The Fire Swallow transforms into 3 rotating daggers that return to Wanwan and deal more damage to enemies. Those hit by the daggers twice will be immobilized.
  • Needles in Flowers: Remove all debuffs and trigger Tiger Pace. Shoot lethal needles in all directions, damaging all enemies in their path.
  • Crossbow of Tang: Leap into the air and fire arrows at the target hero in rapid succession. Wanwan is un-targetable and invincible for the duration.
  • Tiger Pace: Exposes enemy weaknesses, allowing Wanwan to do more damage.

Early in the game, Wanwan should focus on farming and surviving. Mid-game, she can shift focus to expose enemy weaknesses. In the late game, Wanwan should hang back and bide her time until the right moment to strike with her ultimate.

Wanwan Counters

  • Khufra: His crowd control abilities can stop Wanwan dead in her tracks. Bouncing Ball can prevent Wanwan from dashing and also reduces her Crossbow of Tang damage.
  • Granger: This marksman deals massive damage early in the match, and Wanwan is weak early on in the game.
  • Franco: His ultimate ability will suppress Wanwan in place, providing an opportunity to take her down.


MLBB Melissa
Photo Credits: Moonton

Melissa is a Marksman with a super crazy long range. She’s a safe pick in most cases and isn’t overly difficult to master.

Melissa’s skills include:

  • Falling!: Slide forward and increase attack speed. This allows Melissa to reposition herself and move around with her puppets.
  • Eyes on You!: Toss Muddles in a direction, dealing physical damage on the initial hit and linking nearby enemy heroes. Linked enemies are slowed.
  • Go Away!: Command Cuddles to create a Field of Protection, knocking back enemies and dealing magic damage.
  • Doll Buster: Deals damage to creeps, minions and summoned units.

Use Eyes on You! to harass your opponent and then focus on levelling up Falling!, which is Melissa’s mobility spell.

Melissa Counters

  • Yve: Her long-range abilities can take down Melissa from afar, and all of her skills can pierce through Melissa’s barrier.
  • Franco: His first skill (Iron Hook) can break through Melissa’s ultimate barrier. Landing the hook will pull Melissa out of her bubble and allow Franco to suppress her.
  • Moskov: His skills allow him to move out of range of Melissa’s Eyes on You! ability and his Abyss Walker skill increase his attack speed. He can also push Melissa out of her barrier.


MLBB Faramis
Photo Credits: Moonton

Faramis deals super high burst damage, and that’s pretty surprising for a Support hero. Needless to say, he’s a pain for most heroes. And his skill that prevents allies from dying comes in handy if the tide is turning against you.

His skills include:

  • Shadow Stampede: Step into a Shadow state, gaining extra movement speed, the ability to move through the terrain and extra physical and magic defence. Enemies that come in contact will be damaged and gain a Nether Mark. Leaving the shadow state will pull all marked enemies toward Faramis and deal damage.
  • Ghost Bursters: Deals AoE damage to enemies before splitting and bouncing to nearby enemies.
  • Cult Altar: Turns the nearby environment into the Nether Realm, granting allies extra HP and movement speed. When the state breaks, all debuffs are cleared and allies enter a Resurrection state.
  • Vicious Retrieval: Generates soul fragments every four seconds, which restores HP and magic power. Fallen enemies have a chance to drop soul fragments. When Faramis dies, he consumes absorbed fragments to respawn faster.

Early in the game, farm and poke enemies, and take advantage of your skills to clear minions. Later in the game, reserve your ultimate for those critical moments when your enemies are fully equipped and your teammates are close to death.

Faramis Counters

  • Yin: He can drag Faramis into another world, where he’ll need to fight to survive for eight seconds. 
  • Valentina: She can replicate Faramis’ ultimate, which means she can steal his Cult Altar ability. Her ability to use Cult Altar can be game-changing.
  • Akai: He has the ability to stun enemies for up to four seconds. His ultimate increases his movement speed dramatically, making it easier to close the gap on Faramis. When timed properly, Akai’s stun can stop Faramis from casting Cult Altar.


MLBB Fredrinn
Photo Credits: Moonton

Fredrinn can absorb a crazy amount of damage. Because he can take a serious beating, he’s a great ally to have on your team and can disrupt the tempo of most matches.

Fredrinn’s skills include:

  • Piercing Strike: Thrust his sword in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies and slowing them. His next basic attack gets extra range and deals additional damage.
  • Brave Assault: Dash in the target direction, dealing damage to non-minion enemies. His next basic attack launches the target up into the air.
  • Energy Eruption: Deals AoE damage to enemies and taunts them.
  • Crystalline Armor: Stores 85% of the damage he receives as Crystal Energy. After 8 seconds, the energy decays and heals him at a rate of 5% HP per second. The stored energy can be converted into HP.

At the start of the game, use Fredrinn’s first skill to clear incoming minions and damage the enemy laner. Once you unlock his second skill, focus primarily on enemy heroes.

Fredrinn starts to gain momentum around level 4, and combos will become increasingly more important to master. His first and second skills provide 1 combo point each, and his third skill consumes a combo point while reducing the cooldowns of his first and second skills. Using his ultimate will consume 3 combo points.

Be mindful of your combo points, so you don’t find yourself missing a pivotal moment for your ultimate or third skill.

Fredrinn Counters

  • Thamuz: He deals true damage, and his basic attack combos can be punishing for Fredrinn.
  • X.Borg: His first skill deals true damage, which can tear Fredrinn apart. 
  • Valir: He can deal damage from afar and push Fredrinn away with his Searing Torrent skill. His ultimate cancels crowd control skills, making it harder for Fredrinn to close the gap.


MLBB Diggie
Photo Credits: Moonton

Diggie just refuses to die, and that’s what makes him such an annoying hero to be pit against. Even in death, Diggie can still wander around the map and inform his teammates of danger. 

His skills include:

  • Auto Alarm Bomb: Launches an owl alarm at the target location, chasing enemies in range and exploding on collision. The explosion hits all enemies and slows them, giving Diggie a stack of Dangerous Sparks with each enemy hit.
  • Reverse Time: Marks an enemy hero for several seconds, and once the timer is up, sends them back to their previous location, damages them and slows them.
  • Time Journey: Remove all debuffs on allies and grant them a shield and control immunity. Diggie gets increased movement speed, too.
  • Young Again: Reverses time when Diggie dies, reverting him back to an egg and allowing him the ability to move around the map.

Grab Diggie’s first skill right away and start spamming it immediately. Send your alarms into the bushes to catch unsuspecting heroes or out to minions. Follow this strategy until you reach level 4 and start using Diggie’s skill combos.

Time your ultimate carefully. You’ll want to negate crowd control and enemy attacks at just the right moment to give your team an advantage.

Diggie Counters

Natalia: Her high mobility makes her a great counter to Diggie because she’s so difficult to stun.

Who’s Your Favorite Meta Hero?

All Meta Heroes in MLBB with Gameplay and Counters
Photo Credits: Moonton

These are the top meta heroes right now in MLBB. Remember that this line-up may change because the Mobile Legends universe is always in flux. 

If you’re struggling with your MLBB gameplay, check out streamers on YouTube or Twitch for tips and strategies.

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