All The Things to Do for Honkai: Star Rail Starters

Honkai: Star Rail has been out for a while now. And after several updates, the game has grown pretty large—not to the extent of Genshin Impact but still, if you start now, you can easily be lost. Well, here’s where we come in! Today, we will be helping you by listing down some of the dos and don’ts of Honkai: Start Rail, especially for newbies.

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Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s begin!

Take Your Time to Explore

Exploring Star Rail
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Always be observant of your surroundings and engage with all available elements. This holds true for Honkai: Star Rail as well, as you’ll come across numerous chests, objects you can destroy, and readable items in every area you visit, Be it if it is a part of the main storyline or a side quest.

The structure of the game’s open world operates with some distinctions, as the regions are partitioned into multiple sections, forming a somewhat segmented open-world concept. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the total count of chests in each area, including those you’ve already opened, is visible on your map.

This feature can prove to be immensely beneficial during your exploration endeavours.

Managing Your Stellar Jades

Stellar Jade Star Rail
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The diverse range of characters found within Honkai: Star Rail stands out as a primary allure due to their distinctive designs and unique capabilities. Acquiring the majority of these characters necessitates the utilisation of Stellar Jades through the Gacha System. If you’re familiar with playing Genshin Impact, it’s worth noting that the Jades in Honkai: Star Rail serve a similar purpose as Primogems in Genshin Impact.

It’s advised to allocate your Jades exclusively to the limited-character banner. The standard banner remains unchanged for an extended duration, and the game provides you with regular opportunities to perform summons on it. In contrast, the limited-character banners are accessible for approximately 21 days before being substituted by a different character.

Always Complete Your Dailies

Daily Missions
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As you progress, you’ll reach Jarilo-VI planet. The most important part of this world is to gain access to the subterranean sector of Belobog. It’s in this underground realm that you’ll have the delightful opportunity to encounter Seele, making a splendid entrance.

In turn, your Daily Training regimen will be unlocked once your initial conversation with her concludes. To access this area, you can utilise the options located at the upper right corner of your screen.

A gauge will display the current points you’ve accumulated here, and this gauge resets on a daily basis. You have the potential to farm some Stellar Jades from this activity.

Space Anchors Are Lifesavers

Space Anchor
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Within the main storyline, the sole means of moving between planets is by utilizing the Astral Express. However, this becomes rather cumbersome if your intention is to frequently switch between different planets. This issue is effectively addressed through the implementation of Space Anchors within the game which give you an easy mode of transportation across places.

Beyond their function of enabling instantaneous transportation, these Anchors also have the added benefit of rejuvenating your team’s health. In instances where you engage in combat against formidable adversaries and some of your characters happen to be defeated, these characters will undergo automatic revival after the battle concludes. Nonetheless, they will reappear with significantly diminished HP.

Upgrading Your Characters

Upgrade characters star rail
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Characters in Star Rail can be upgraded and through this, they can be way more powerful. To do this, you can access this section by selecting the options located at the upper right corner of your screen.

The process of enhancing a character requires specific Character EXP materials, and there are additional materials needed for their ascension. These materials are notably scarce, particularly for players who are engaged in the game without spending money.

If you’re not purchasing the battle pass or special packages containing these items, it becomes crucial to manage them judiciously. A useful guideline is to initially focus on upgrading up to four characters, enabling you to form a party with them, and then conserving the remaining materials.

Final Thoughts

Whew! Looks like we’ve managed to find ourselves at the end of the guide! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you ease through your Star Rail journey! And if you need extra help to top up your Star Rail account, be sure to do so with OffGamers’ cheap Google Play Gift Cards!

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