All You Need to Know About Apex Legends Mobile

All You Need to Know About Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends is one of the most played FPS games at the moment and it is only about time that it made its way to mobile phones.

While we are all hugely excited about this, there are still many questions left unanswered. Will our phones be able to handle such a modern game or how different will it be compared to its PC/console version?

Today, we will be digging into the ins and outs of Apex Legends Mobile by telling you all you need to know about this mobile port.


Apex Legends Mobile Spec Requirements


Minimum Spec Requirements


We understand that mobile phones have come a long way and there are many gaming mobile phones in the market but a large number of players are still using casual smartphones which begs the question as to whether these phones will be able to handle a game like Apex Legends Mobile.

First, let us take a look at the minimum requirements to run Apex Legends Mobile.


For Android users:

– At least Android 6.0 or newer

– CPU should be either Snapdragon 435, Hisilicon Kirin 650, Mediatek Helio P20 or Exynos 7420

– Minimum 4GB of storage space

– Minimum 3GB of RAM

– Screen size of either N, L or XL


For iOS users:

– At least iPhone 6s or newer

– OS version needs to be 11.0 or newer

– At least A9 CPU

– At least 2GB RAM

– Minimum 4GB of storage space


As you can tell, the minimum requirements for Apex Legends Mobile aren’t particularly demanding. The minimum specifications stated are optimised for the current mobile phone generation which means most phones will be able to run the game perfectly fine.

That said, we would recommend updating your phone to its latest OS to ensure that everything runs seamlessly without any issues.


Legend Roster Apex Legends Mobile


 Playable Legends and Maps


Currently, there will be a total of 10 Legends available with more to be released over time.

Here’s the current roster of Legends available for the mobile version:


  1. Bangalore

An extremely offensive-based Legend that excels in speedy gameplay. Her Ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder can summon an artillery strike, destroying the entire arena.


  1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is more of a utility-type Legend due to his unique tracking abilities. His Tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather can reveal all hidden traps, enemies and clues which can come as a serious game-changer in the long run.


  1. Gibraltar

A defensive Legend that is played mostly to keep his teammates alive. And despite being a defensive character, Gibraltar can also pack a punch with his Ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, with mortar striking a specific area to deal huge damage.


  1. Octane

A super-fast Legend that excels in healing skills. His ability to get in and out of skirmishes is extremely annoying for enemies and combined with this regenerative skill, Octane is someone who disrupts team fights with havoc.


  1. Pathfinder

Like Bloodhound, Pathfinder excels in providing vision while also giving his team mobility across the map.


  1. Caustic

Also a utility-type Legend that has made poison its best friend. Its poisonous ability can secure an area, making enemies suffer if they were to take a skirmish to that area.


  1. Lifeline

Lifeline is a great healer and will certainly be impactful to any team who has her on their side. Her D.O.C Drone provides healing over time and is perfect for dragged out fights. Therefore, if a skirmish is prolonged, the value of Lifeline significantly increases.


  1. Wraith

Quick and deceptive, Wraith is a Legend most suited for players who like stealth. Wraith’s Ultimate, Dimensional Rift creates two portals that act as either an escape mechanism or for initiative purposes—perfect for setting the game’s tempo.


  1. Mirage

With Mirage, players will enjoy setting up holograms to deceive enemies. Hence, Mirage is perfect for causing chaos within enemy ranks and will certainly catch many off-guard with its many decoys.


  1. Fade

Fade is very similar to Wraith in terms of playstyle due to its escape and initiative manoeuvres. However, Fade has some extra disabling abilities which can stop enemy attacks but in turn, prevent your team from attacking that enemy as well.


Now that we’ve covered all the available Legends, let’s take a look at the maps available. For the classic Battle Royale mode, there will only be one map available called World’s Edge but players can expect that there will be more maps added in the future.

In the meantime, if you are eager to try out other maps, you can play other modes to experience Skulltown, Artillery and King’s Canyon.


Gameplay and Mechanices Apex Legends Mobile


Gameplay and Mechanics


As expected from an FPS mobile game, the controls for Apex Legends Mobile will work with touch controls that are transparent on the screen. If you’ve played mobile games like PUBGM and CODM, settling into Apex Legends Mobile will not be too difficult.

Extra features for the mobile version are that Legends will receive “Perks” before the start of a game. These perks will buff some of the Legends’ abilities—not too game-breaking—so that newer players will have an easier time exploring the chosen Legend skillset and playstyle. Do note that this “Perks” feature is disabled for Ranked mode.

Besides that, there will also be a third-person mode for accessibility purposes. This is great for players who are new to the FPS genre as this camera mode will make it much more comfortable for newcomers that might not be used to the first-person vision that is native to most FPS gamers.

Lastly, there will also be no cross-platform support. This means you will not be able to play with players playing on the PC/console. Apex Legends Mobile is a completely separate game and you will only be matched with players on the mobile version.


Different Modes Apex Legends Mobile


Types of Modes Available


Apex Legends Mobile has also a variety of modes for its players to venture into. Aside from different maps, these modes provide an alternative playstyle to each other.

The modes available so far are:


Battle Royale

Arguably the most played mode, Battle Royale is a survival mode where the last team standing wins. Loot and resources are dropped across the map and players will need to work together in getting them. Ranked matches are also available for Battle Royale, dedicated to competitive players.



Arena mode is much quicker compared to Battle Royale. Players will need to craft their equipment and battle it out against other squads and by winning three rounds, the player’s squad will win the match.


Team Deathmatch

The deathmatch mode is all about taking out your opponents. If you are successful in eliminating a player, your team will be rewarded with a point and your team wins the match if the target score is reached.


As you can see, these three modes are unique on their own. While the Battle Royal mode might still be the most popular one, the Arena and Deathmatch modes can be stress relief modes for you to unwind after a sweaty Royale match.


Apex Legends Mobile Battle Pass


Battle Pass for Rewards


To help newer players progress, the normal Battle Pass offers a lot. All players need to do is complete quests and objectives available on the Battle Pass to earn EXP points which they can use to level up and gain generous rewards.

These rewards come in the form of player cards, cosmetics and weapon skins. These are all great motivations that also help newer players to smooth into the game by having them try out different playstyle and Legends.

Other premium benefits will also be available on the Premium Battle Pass Plus which will gain you extra 10 levels on your Battle Pass and a season-special frame for your avatar.

If you are looking to purchase this premium pass, you can purchase some Apex Legends Syndicate Gold here.


That pretty much sums up all the talking points of Apex Legends Mobile. Of course, the content doesn’t stop there as we can expect more ongoing updates which we will be super excited to announce in the future!