All You Need to Know About Diablo IV Beta

The Diablo franchise is iconic. It’s legendary, is up there with the very best, and has set super-high standards for the ARPG genre. So, when we caught wind that Diablo IV is in the area, we were all extremely excited. The game is still not officially released, but there is a beta for it, and here’s what we got from it.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Three Accessible Classes

Warrior class diablo iv

For the beta, testers can only choose from three classes. These classes are Barbarian, Rogue and Sorcerer. These are traditional roles in your typical RPG and it’s a good way for testers to get a feel for where the game is going with their class content.

Here is a breakdown of what these three classes are like:


As one would expect, the Barbarian class would mainly rely on melee attacks and generally focus on brute-force gameplay. Essentially, they are the vanguard when it comes to battle.

Many would also consider this class to be beginner-friendly. Its direct approach to the game makes it really accessible for players who are new to the genre. Hence, if this is your first time venturing into the Diablo franchise, this might be the class for you.


The rogue class is a sneaky one. It has both ranged and melee attacks in its arsenal which make it a highly versatile class with many options.

This also means that there are a lot of ways you can play as a Rogue which opens doors to a lot of creative plays. It is also important to note that this class is movement reliant so if you are not great with manoeuvring, you might want to choose another class.


Sorcerers are wielders of magic and place emphasis on resource management and positioning. Choosing this class will let you gain access to elemental spells like ice arrows and thunderbolts. Position yourself correctly and you’ll see sorcerers decimate their enemies.

The downside is, sorcerers are extremely frail. Without good positioning and awareness, they are like lambs to be slaughtered. Ultimately, this class is capable of dishing out absurd damage but they are unable to take it themselves. You have to play it a little safe with the Sorcerer class.

Your Character is Not Carried Over

not carried over diablo iv

This is going to hit hard for many beta testers. Sadly, the character you create in the beta game will not be transferred over to the actual game upon its release. Based on that, we suggest testers not fully invest in your current character and just use it to get a feel for the game.

That said, the game story will not be completely lost. So, if you have made progress on the game’s story, it will continue in the official release so it is technically all right to get invested in the story.

All in all, just make sure that you enjoy testing the game with your current character and solely use it for exploring the game only. As for other commitments, do hold out until the official release before doing so, you definitely don’t want to see your hard work go down the drain.

PC Requirements

This question will always be burning in PC owners’ minds when a game is released—will my rig be able to run it? Well, Diablo IV is a very new game and it’s only natural for testers or players to want to know whether their PC is good enough to run the game or not.

Here are the required specs for you to smoothly run the beta version of Diablo IV:

Minimum requirements:

– The latest Windows 10 version, 64-bit

– Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660/ AMD Radeon R9 280 or their equivalent

– CPU: Intel Core i5-2500L/ AMD FX-8100 or their equivalent

– Memory: At least 8GB of RAM

– Storage: 45GB, preferably in an SSD

– DirectX: Version 12

Recommended requirements:

– The latest Windows 10 version, 64-bit

– Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970/ AMD Radeon RX 370 or their equivalent

– CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K/ AMD R3-1300X or their equivalent

– Memory: At least 16 GB of RAM

– Storage: 45GB, preferably in an SSD

– DirectX: Version 12

We recommend beta testers and players who want to download the game when it releases to make sure that their gaming rig fits the required specifications. Diablo IV is a very busy game and there are many times when there will be a lot of stuff happening on your screen. If your PC isn’t good enough, you might see noticeable FPS drops and that could hurt your experience.

World Boss: Ashava

Ashava diablo iv

You might think that just because it’s in beta mode there wouldn’t be any huge battles to fight. Well, that’s not the case here! Even in beta, we are treated with a World Boss called Ashava. This boss will be spawning at specific times in the Fractured Peaks area.

The spawn time of Ashava is reported on the 25th of March 2023; 10:00, 12:00, 22:00, and midnight PDT. Hence, if you want to make the most out of this beta, be sure to gather your friends and comrades to prepare in taking down Ashava.

Rewards for Beta Testers

beta rewards diablo iv

We did mention that your character from the beta game would not be carried over, although this might be a bummer, the game still rewards its testers for experiencing the game for them.

The rewards and achievements will be given out during the actual release, to get them, you will need to do:

– Arrive at the city of Kyovashad with a single character. Successfully doing this will earn you the ‘Initial Casualy’ title

– If you manage to level up any of your characters to level 20, you will be given the ‘Early Voyager’ title and the ‘Beta Wolf Pack’ cosmetic set.

As you can see, Blizzard Entertainment is pretty generous with the beta rewards. Therefore, if you are planning to play this game in the long run, trying out the beta might not be such a bad idea.

With that, we have more or less summed up all there is to know about the Diablo IV beta. While we are only scratching the surface of the Diablo IV content, this is still a lot to digest. Even so, we truly need to get our hands on the fully-released game to tell you the true experience.
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