All You Need to Know About Fortnite’s The Foundation

All You Need to Know About Fortnite’s The Foundation


One of the many charms of Fortnite is its inclusion of many famous celebrities and icons outside of the game.

For example, we were able to play as the Ghostbusters, Lara Croft and Chun-Li, who were all iconic icons for their respective games/movies.

This time around, the affable Dwayne Johnson, more commonly known as The Rock, will be joining the fight!

The record-breaking Hollywood actor will be taking the role as ‘The Foundation’ and here’s what we know so far about this intriguing new character.


Leader of the Seven


The Leader of The Seven


Towards the end of Season 3, we caught a glimpse of The Seven but have since made appearances in the following seasons.

Currently, the main goal of The Seven is to stop—one of the game’s antagonists—The Imagined Order that has been disrupting The Omniverse.

Hence, it would be safe to assume that The Seven are some of the most formidable characters to be able to tackle such a dangerous group of Omniverse terrorists. Four have been revealed so far and three of its members remain unknown still.

The leader of The Seven is also called The Foundation (which we now know is modelled after The Rock) and is notably known for saving the Island during Chapter 2 and the Zero Crisis Finale. And now, players will get the chance to use his character skin, given that they have fulfilled several conditions.


Quests to Unlock the Foundation Fortnite


Quests to Complete to Get the Skin


Of course, to get a legendary character skin and other awesome items, you would definitely have to work for it. In short, players would need to complete all of the Foundation Quests to get their hand on The Rock’s character skin and other unlockables.

The objectives of the quests are as follows:


  1. Visit Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary two times.


  1. Search ammo boxes and chests at the Covert Cavern (has to be done 3 times).


  1. Use shield potions in a single match (has to be done 4 times).


  1. Deal up to 100 melee damage


  1. Snipe an enemy using a Sniper Rifle while you are crouching.


  1. Successfully hire a character and travel up to 1,000 metres with them.


  1. Gain an assist in eliminating Gunnar.


  1. Deal up to 500 headshot damage with either common or uncommon weapons.


  1. Deal up to 1,000 damage from above using either Shotguns or SMGs.


  1. Successfully land at any Seven Outpost and finish top 10 (has to be done twice).


  1. Successfully completed all of the above Foundation quests.


Do note that to gain the base character skin of The Foundation, players will only need to finish the first quest, but to have access to other collectibles, you will need to finish them all.


Tips and Tricks Foundation Fortnite


Some Tips and Tricks in Completing The Foundation Quests


Luckily, most of the objectives can be completed as you play the game normally. For instance, the objectives that require you to use consumables and deal damage are objectives that you will achieve eventually.

However, there are some quests that might cause a little headache and we are here to walk you through some of them.


  1. How to deal good melee damage


Since Fortnite is ultimately an FPS battle royale game, melee damage is not the easiest damage type to churn out.

What we recommend is that players could knock down opponents and pickaxe them until they are eliminated. This is an efficient way to deal considerable amounts of melee damage to your opponents.


  1. Assist in Eliminating Gunnar


This is perhaps one of the more annoying objectives to complete. That said, there is still a method which that can use to cheese an assist.

First, head over to Covert Cavern in order to loot some weapons, then fire at Gunnar from behind and hide. It would also be best to keep the fight distance-based if your encounter with Gunnar were to go sour.


  1. Finish top 10 at any Seven Outposts


Arguably the hardest challenge of the Foundation Quests. While there isn’t a direct strategy or method to completing this quest, what we can suggest is that players can try to play in a more conservative method.

Stock up more healing items and try to avoid potential skirmishes because your main objective here is to survive. Minimise combat and prioritise survival.

With enough tries, we are pretty sure that any player is capable of finishing top 10 more than twice.


And that’s a wrap for Fornite’s The Foundation content! If the road to completing these quests is proving too arduous for you, there is no shame in topping up some V-Bucks with our V-Bucks Card here!