All You Need to Know About Lost Ark

All You Need to Know About Lost Ark


Making a long-lasting MMORPG is one of the hardest tasks for any developer or publisher. Only a handful of MMORPGs have really stood the test of time like MapleStory, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

Even so, the MMORPG genre is one of the most loved genres in the video game world and is still loved by gamers worldwide. MMORPGs are games that bond players from all walks of life and many have even built a community around it where they can call it their second home.

Recently, there is a new MMORPG that has been making waves called Lost Ark. And since its inception, it has already risen to the 2nd place of Steam’s most played games list, surpassing major titles like CS: GO and Dota 2.

So, what is it that makes Lost Ark so alluring to gamers? Let us dig a little deeper and get to know more about Lost Ark and what it has to offer.


Introduction to Lost Ark


A Brief Introduction


Lost Ark is an online video game developed by a South Korean developer called Smilegate and is published by Amazon Games.

This is already a good sign as South Koreans are generally known for their amazing developments of MMORPGs. Black Desert and MapleStory are stellar examples of successful MMORPGs that are the works of South Korean developers.

That said, Lost Ark is perhaps more complete, in a sense that it successfully integrates PVE and PVP elements together. This means that casual and competitive players will be able to enjoy Lost Ark as there are options that satisfy both player base tastes.

Having the options to choose from different sets of classes and an intriguing battle system, Lost Ark is often described as the perfect combination of the existing MMORPGs, taking the best elements from them and merging them into one perfect project.

Of course, to fully understand the game, we highly recommend readers to play the game themselves, as a video game experience can’t be fully described through words but has to be played instead.


Different Classes Lost Ark


The Different Types of Classes


Like most MMORPGs, Lost Ark will also have multiple sets of classes for its players to choose from. Although the Korean servers will have earlier access to newer classes, players from other regions should not be too disappointed as you still have plenty of awesome classes to choose from.

Right now, the classes that are available for all regions are:


  1. Main Class: Warrior

Advanced Warrior Classes: Berserker, Paladin or Gunlancer


  1. Main Class: Martial Artist

Advanced Martial Artist Classes: Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper or Soulfist


  1. Main Class: Gunner

Advanced Gunner Classes: Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye or Sharpshooter


  1. Main Class: Mage

Advanced Mage Classes: Bard or Sorceress


  1. Main Class: Assassin

Advanced Assassin Classes: Shadowhunter or Deathblade


At the time of writing, the Summoner, Lance Master, Scouter, Arcana and Reaper are the classes that are only available in the Korean server of Lost Ark.


Skill Effects Lost Ark


Terms of Skills & Effects


Most of the time, players are often confused with new terminologies when they enter a new game. This is perfectly understandable as every game has their own set of jargons. So we’re here to walk you through Lost Ark’s battle system terms so that you will have an easier time with the UI.


Skill Types



All you need to do is press the skill button and the skill will take effect. If the move has a trajectory, the skill will be shot or directed at the direction of your cursor.



This is one of the more unique aspects of Lost Ark. If you manage to cast a spell that has a combo effect during a specific time frame, the move will have an additional effect.



A Holding skill is a move where if you hold the skill’s button, the skill will be continuously cast. This type of skill will work wonders on enemy hordes.



A Charging skill is a move where you also hold the skill’s button but will increase in power as you hold the button.


Skill Effects



‘Stagger’ is a mechanic that is best exploited during boss fights. It is determined by a purple bar and once the bar is depleted, the boss will be stunned for a certain amount of time. Use this to your advantage to maximise your damage potential.



One of the more mechanic-based effects. This is because players will need to time this. To successfully get a counter off, players will need to cast a Counter skill when the boss is using a Charging skill. If players can pull this off, the boss’ skill will be cancelled.


Front Skill

A skill categorised as a “Front Skill” will deal more damage and deplete more of the stagger bar if it lands on the enemies’ front.


Back Attack

Like the “Front Skill”, players will deal more damage with an increased ‘crit chance when used from the enemy’s behind.


Super Armour

This mechanic works with different categories. There are immunities that prevent you from getting staggered or even some that prevent you from getting crowd controlled.


Free Pet Lost Ark


A Few Tips and Tricks to Get Started


Whether you are new to MMORPGs or an experienced veteran of the genre, it will always be good to have some backpocket tips that will surely come in handy in-game.


Make Use of The Fast Travel System

You don’t want to be gassing yourself out by travelling from one place to another. Use Tripods to travel from one place to another immediately.


Don’t Neglect Quests

We understand that smashing mobs can be addictive, but always remember to complete quests. Plus, for the storyline to progress, you will definitely need to do the quests anyway.


Get Yourself a Free Pet!

Pets are awesome. This is true even in Lost Ark. All you need to do is complete the quest from the first main town and you will be given a free companion to follow you around. Pets are not just for looks as they help with looting which comes in handy when you are farming mobs.


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