All You Need to Know About Lost Ark’s May Update

All You Need to Know About Lost Ark’s May Update


Lost Ark has already a ton of content for us to explore and many of us might not have even explored all of it. Guess what? We might actually need to explore even more as Lost Ark is hitting us with another big update this month!

So let us get started and do allow us to walk you through all the juicy content that players will get to enjoy with this insane May update.


Valtan Region Raid May Update


A Brand New Legion Raid


If Lost Ark has been a cakewalk for you up to this point, you might want to think again as this new raid will surely test your strength and skill in the game.

This new Valtan Legion Raid is said to be extremely difficult and players are only advised to take it on if they are super confident in their understanding of the game.

And as a testament to its difficulty, the Valtan Legion Raid can only be started with players that have a certain item level—item level 1415 for Normal and item level 1445 for Hard.

Players can also challenge the Valtan Legion Raid with up to 8 players, and trust us, you will definitely need that amount of players if you want to have a better chance of clearing this exceptionally difficult Legion Raid.

And of course, if you and your party do manage to clear the Valtan Legion Raid, there’s a chance that you might get ‘Relic’ items—the rarest and highest ranked items after this update. It’s worth the shot if you ask us.


Destroyer Class Lost Ark


A New Advanced Class for Warriors: Destroyer


Yes, Warrior class enjoyers have a real reason to smile about in this new update as a new advanced class is coming their way—the Destroyer.

Like most Warrior classes in MMORPGs, the Destroyer is slow and less mobile but packs some serious damage numbers in return. Therefore, if you are all about dealing huge amounts of damage and could not be bothered to dash around the battlefield, you might want to consider trying out this brand new Destroyer class.

The Destroyer class will also have some power skills in its arsenal. For instance, the Perfect Swing ability is a high-damaging skill that despite its high charge time, it can seriously stagger your enemies.

The Full Swing ability is also one of the Destroyer class highlighted skills as it is perfect for hitting multiple targets surrounding you as it swings your weapon around, dealing respectable damage while also capable of staggering your opponents.

One of its Awakening abilities—Big Bang—is also very useful for sustainability as it can push enemies away and reduce the damage you take. It is essentially a specially designed skill for a Tanker.


Deskaluda Lost Ark May Update


A New Guardian: Deskaluda


While this new Guardian Raid that hosts Deskaluda might not be as difficult as the Valtan Legion Raid, players should not underestimate it.

Players will also need to reach at least the item level of 1415 to start this Guardian Raid and this raid can be completed either through a group of friends or solo.

We do however recommend completing this raid with a party because you will struggle with Deskaluda if you don’t know its moves and behaviours and it is also generally more fun to take it down with a bunch of friends.

To begin the raid, players will need to first visit the Burning Isteri and speak with Kadan. Speaking with Kadan, players can initiate the “Flutters of Wings” quest which will prompt players to take on Deskaluda who have been terrorising the village.

Thankfully, Lost Ark is very generous with this new Guardian Raid as this raid can also potentially yield Relic-ranked items, which means if players are having a tough time beating the Valtan Legion Raid, the Deskaluda Guardian Raid can be seen as an alternative to farm these Relic-ranked items.


Weekly Guardian Raids Lost Ark May Update


Weekly Rewards


This new May update will also add a new way for players to grind up their levels and equipment through the Weekly Challenge Guardian Raids.

These weekly raids are very balanced as the Guardians are adjusted based on players’ current item level with the Scale of Balance. As such, players with lower item levels will not need to worry about being overwhelmed by high-levelled Guardians crushing them from the get-go.

Plus, these Guardians will also be rotated throughout the weeks. This means players will not face the same Guardian again the following week and this is great as it provides variety and freshness to a rather stale weekly formula.

These weekly Challenge Guardian Raids are also very profitable as the harder the challenge is, the better your rewards are, making this the perfect place for you to gain some valuable levels and items.


Quality of Life Updates Lost Ark May Update


Other Notable Changes


There is also a couple of Quality of Life changes added to the game with this update. The user interface is significantly improved with enhanced party finders and invites.

A new area called Wild Wings Island is also introduced in this update where you can earn Event Coins by defeating the Chicking boss. This place is a good way to wind down if you are tired and sore from character grinding as the Wild Wings Island is a fun and interactive experience for both you and your Lost Ark mates!


And that’s about it! These are all the major points in this huge May Lost Ark update! If this article has prompted you into going on an adventure in Arkesia, you can enhance your Lost Ark journey with some Royal Crystals using our Steam Wallet Codes here!