All You Need to Know About Spotify Island in Roblox

All You Need to Know About Spotify Island in Roblox


Music and video games have always been good friends. This is evident from the amount of music video games like the Rockbands and Guitar Heroes that have gained enormous success over the years.

Collaborations amongst both industries have also happened, with the most recent one being Coachella’s collab with Fortnite. Therefore, when music and video games hold hands it’s usually a cause for success.

Needless to say, the recent news about Spotify Island making its way to the blocky world of Roblox has got us all extremely intrigued and it’ll be interesting to see how the inclusion of Spotify will affect Roblox.

Although the collaboration is still new, here’s what we know so far about the collab and what players can expect from this.


Spotify Island Merchs


Virtual Merchs from Artists are Sold on Spotify Island


One of the most frustrating things about international merchandise is that most of the time they are not sold worldwide. As such, most of us living outside the artist’s country would not be able to purchase their merchandise.

Lucky for us, Spotify Island will now also be a hub for artists to sell their virtual merchandise where Roblox players can purchase them.

At the moment, the confirmed artists that will be selling their virtual merchandise on Spotify Island are Sunmi and Stray Kids. Hopefully, this is the start of many and soon we hope and expect more artists and bands’ virtual merchandise to be readily available for purchase on the island!


Spotify Island Soundtrap


Soundtrap is Available on Spotify Island


For those who are unfamiliar with Soundtrap, it is essentially a service for netizens to create their own music and tracks which they can also share with the world.

Hence, these tracks and tunes from Spotify’s Soundtrap will be available on Roblox where players can play these community tunes as they build their world in Roblox.

Some of you will probably wonder whether official songs will be available on Spotify Island. So far, the news we got is that only Soundtrap music will be available on the island but we do hope that Spotify will allow existing Spotify users to make and play our own playlists in-game!


Spotify Island Sdiequests


Potential Sidequests and Interactions with Artists


While in-game concerts have been a thing for a while, Spotify Island aims to be more of a place of interaction—a home where music enthusiasts can get together with their favourite artists.

The Spotify Island will also be hosting virtual meet-and-greets in the future where fans can interact and communicate with their favourite artists like an AMA session on Reddit or Ask.

Besides that, there will also be mini-quests included, exclusive for the Spotify Island. For now, we don’t know the details of these quests, but we’re hoping that by finishing these quests, Roblox users can gain special rewards which they can exchange for the artists’ merchandise.


Spotify Island Quality of Life


Many Qualities of Life Added


Aside from a truckload of new content added from this collaboration, the Spotify Island will also come with its own qualities of life to make our experience more seamless and enjoyable.

For instance, there will be no ads, meaning as you venture Spotify Island and as you are enjoying your favourite Soundtrap tunes, you will not be harassed with annoying third-party advertisements.

Visitors of Spotify Island can also opt to change their environment from day to night and vice versa. This is a neat addition because players can change the environment based on the track/tunes that they are currently listening to.


Of course, that is not going to be all from Spotify Island and needless to say, we are super excited as to what is to come to this musical island. In the meantime, you can also enhance your Roblox experience using Robux through our Roblox Game Cards here!