All You Need to Know About the Dota 2 2022 Battle Pass

DOTA 2’s largest event, The International is fast approaching. This competition often hosts the biggest prize pool of any esports tournament and with it, also comes the annual Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is seen as a way for DOTA 2 players to show their support for the game, as all purchases of the Battle Pass will contribute to The International prize pool. In other words, it’s a give-back moment for players.

Today, we’ll be covering all the jazz that Valve has in store for us inside this Battle Pass 2022. So, if you’re wondering whether to purchase this year’s Battle Pass or not, be sure to continue reading!


Faceless Void Arcana


New Arcanas


Arcanas are one of the many reasons why players purchase the Battle Pass. Arcana is a form of cosmetic that revamps a hero’s entire skill set, appearance and effects. Of course, as a free-to-play game, an Arcana does not give its user any gameplay advantage.

This year we will be treated with 2 new Arcanas! One for Faceless Void and the other for Razor. Both of these heroes have been around for a long time and we are all super stoked to see them completely changed!

For now, we only know the full details for Faceless Void’s Arcana, called the Claszian Apostasy. From the get-go, we can see that FV’s appearance has changed to be much grimmer and in certain ways, more mature. According to its lore, this version of FV is a corrupted form under Clasz’s touch.

With the corruption, we can also see that all of FV’s skills underwent a visual change. One of our favourites includes the bash effect from his passive ability. If you managed to proc a bash, there will be an underground tentacle slapping the target and bashing them in the process.

Other changes to the FV Arcana also see his voice lines altered, items and skill icons having a unique design of their own.

On the other hand, the Razor Arcana, Voidstorm Asylum, will be released in the second part of the Battle Pass. From the key art, we can assume that this Arcana will transform Razor into a more knight-like figure with his whip changed into a sword.

That said, we will need to wait a bit longer to find out more about this.


Ranked Double Down


Doubling Down Returns


Ever felt like a sore loser or an insufferable winner after a sweaty DOTA 2 match? Well, if you own a Battle Pass, you can double the satisfaction—or if you lose, the pain.

Either way, doubling down allows you to add a lot more spice to your games, especially when your matchmaking rating is on the line. Be warned though, this will make your game a whole lot more competitive. We suggest players only double down when they are super confident in their team’s draft and ability to win!

Do note that you will need double-down tokens to place your MMR on the line. These tokens can only be attained as you level up your Battle Pass. So, you will need to play a lot of games to gain them—make sure to treasure and use them properly!


Diretide 2022


Returning Event: Diretide


Like with the Razor Arcana, the upcoming Diretide event will only take place when Part 2 of the Battle Pass is revealed. However, we are pretty sure that it will more or less be the same as previous Diretide events.

Commonly, Diretide events are themed around candies and Halloween. It’s usually a mini-game that requires players/heroes to collect as many candies as possible while obstructing their opponent from getting theirs.

It’s an event that all long-time DOTA 2 players enjoy as it forces them to think outside of the box. Players will need to come up with unconventional strategies to gain the most points with different heroes. All in all, it’s chaotic and nothing like your regular DOTA 2 match.


Crystal Maiden Persona


More Personas for Phantom Assassin and Crystal Maiden


Two of these heroes can be the epitome of their roles. Phantom Assassin is the flavour Carry for many players and Crystal Maiden has been an icon for the Support role.

Both of which has their own Arcana and now, both of them will be receiving a personalised Persona. For those who don’t know, a Persona in DOTA 2 means a total change in the Hero’s personality and sometimes lore. In some cases, the changes can even be more drastic than Arcanas.

Unfortunately, the entirety of both Personas has yet to be announced. For now, what we know is that Phantom Assassin will have a male counterpart. On the other side of the aisle, Crystal Maiden’s dog companion will go from pup to a full-fledged wolf.

To obtain both of these Personas, players will need to reach level 148 for the Crystal Maiden’s Conduit of the Blue Heart persona and level 296 for the Exile Unveiled, Phantom Assassin’s persona.


Cavern Crawl


Other Notable Activities to Look Forward To


Besides having some of the most anticipated Hero aesthetics, the Battle Pass will also be welcoming a series of content through different modes, quests and others.

These contents are:


Cavern Crawl

Hero-based objectives which you can complete to get rewards.


Stickers and Fantasy

Support your favourite DOTA 2 teams by purchasing their customised stickers or choosing their Fantasy Cards to earn Battle Pass points.



Place your predictions of the results of this year’s The International and win Battle Pass points.

And that’s it! We’ve pretty much covered all there is to cover about the 2022 Battle Pass. If you are interested in purchasing one, be sure to get it using our Steam Wallet Codes here!


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