All You Need to Know About Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update

The saying, “let sleeping dogs lie” is often true. There is absolutely no reason why one should tamper with something that is deemed perfect like The Witcher 3.

Even so, there is another adage that comes to mind. It is often said that the sky is the limit and the developers of The Witcher 3 are breaking the limit by giving us an awesome quality update. This is evidence that The Witcher 3 is made with undying love and we are glad that new players will be able to enjoy this next-gen update.

So let’s get down to business and see what this update is all about!


It’s Free!


Yes! Free things are rare to come by these days and we’re not complaining about this free update! As long as you own the base game, you will automatically receive this update on the 14th of December 2022.

All you have to do is update your game when the update is live and you will be able to enjoy the additional features packed inside. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your existing save file as you are able to continue playing with that save alongside the updates.

Therefore, if you haven’t purchased the game yet, be sure to do so with our Steam Wallet Codes here!


graphics galore next gen update


Graphics Galore


As this is a next-gen update, the main focus of this update is to match modern hardware and significantly improve the game’s visual presentation.

For the PC, we will be specifically looking at ray tracing. This means the fidelity of the game will be upscaled almost to perfection. The surface of the characters and objects will be crisp-clear and ever more realistic. Definitely, a huge jump compared to how it was back in 2015.

Console players need not fret as they will also be receiving huge graphical improvements as well. Textures, foliage and resolution are all elements that are worked upon and your journey throughout the game will be crystal clear like in the series.

Of course, at the end of the day, the improvements are also somewhat dependent on your hardware’s capabilities. This is especially true for PC players as everyone’s PC is different. As long as you have a decent GPU and CPU, we’re pretty sure you can run the game in the best settings.


photo mode next gen update


Quality of Life Changes: New Photo and Camera Modes


Two new modes have also been introduced in-game. While they might not help you in combat, these modes are more QOL experiences that add colour and flavour to the game.

For the Photo Mode, players can now pause midway during battle to take a snapshot. Yes, this might seem silly but for a game that has been out for so long, this addition is understandable. Plus, it is said that there will be a photo contest based on the pictures taken from the Photo Mode. Take the shot while you can!

On the other aisle, there’s the new Camera Mode. This mode can affect your combat experience depending on your preference. In total, there are 3 new camera angles; Exploration, Combat and Horseback.

These camera angles are all dedicated to different situations in-game. These angles will help newer players settle into the game easier without having to navigate the camera aimlessly.


New Mechanic: Quick Casting


With this new update, The Witcher 3 will be including a new gameplay mechanic called quick casting. Quick casting is not a new mechanic for some games but it is making its first appearance in The Witcher franchise.

To be honest, quick casting is an acquired taste. Some people love it but some just can’t get the hang of it. That said, once you grasp the concept behind it, your battle gameplay will be seamless.

Instead of navigating through the traditional casting wheel, quick cast allows you to use and initiate your skills with minimal buttons. This requires a great amount of conditioning and it’s not something you can master in minutes.

Take your time with this change and you’ll learn to enjoy this new change for the better!


dlc next gen update


A New DLC will be Available


If you’ve been a follower of The Witcher Netflix series then this DLC will surely bring a smile to your face. The DLC will be largely based on the said series with content that includes:


– An additional side quest based on the series

– Cosmetics based on the series

– New equipment for Geralt based on the series


So, if you haven’t seen Henry Cavill as Geralt yet, be sure to check out the Netflix series as it will help you understand the contexts of this DLC a lot easier.


Cleanup for Bugs with Fixes


The final point we are covering here might not be as exciting as the ones above but a highly appreciated one.

As much as we consider The Witcher 3 to be a perfect game, in reality, it still has its share of bugs. Using this next-gen update as an opportunity, the developers will be doing us a solid by providing fixes for these bugs commonly faced in certain quests.


Truly, we are really grateful that the development team for this game is as devoted as they were when they created this game a couple of years ago. It shows great accountability and the game is deserving of all its acclaim.

And that pretty much sums up what we have to cover for the next-gem update for The Witcher 3. Hopefully, we can experience the world through Geralt’s eyes again, but now, with a much clearer and crisper perspective.


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