Among Us Acting Suspicious on PlayStation 4 and 5


There’s nothing suspicious about this post at all, and we just want you to know that Among Us has just been announced for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5! Check out the tweet by Innersloth below:



For those of you who don’t know, Among Us is a 4-10 player game where you play as a spaceman attempting to accomplish a series of tasks. When every crew member has accomplished their tasks, the game ends. However beware, there is an Impostor among the crew, and his mission is to kill everyone. As a crew member, you must work together and gather clues to figure out who the impostor is and vote him out of the airlock before he kills you all.

The PlayStation version of the game comes with an exclusive Ratchet & Clank Skin, hat, and pet, and will support crossplay and online multiplayer. The PlayStation version is expected to launch later this year. We’ll let you know when it launches so stay tuned with us. Get the game when it comes out with our PSN cards below:

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PlayStation Network Card




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