AniManGaki Is Back For More in 2023! Tickets Are Now Available!

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It’s that time of year again! AniManGaki is back in Malaysia and you can purchase your tickets now to secure a place at this much-anticipated anime event! The official date for AniManGaki will be from the 25th of August to the 27th of August. This year, Animangaki will be hosted at The Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC). Activities will approximately begin from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Having attended the media day ourselves, we’ve gained some useful insights on what visitors can expect going into this year’s AniManGaki. Trust us, you really don’t want to miss out on this event because, from what we’ve seen, it is an anime lover’s paradise.

Here’s a little more detail about what to expect.

A Wholeload of Activities

Photo Credits: AniManGaki

With the amount of activities, events and booths you have to visit, it is even safe to say that you’ll need at least two days to fully enjoy this year’s AniManGaki. When you first enter the convention centre, here’s what you can expect to see:

Cosplay Alley

You will be seeing your favourite anime/video game characters come to life. Up to 88 best cosplayers from the SEA region will showcase their talents here. Be ready with your cameras because we guarantee you’ll take more than a couple of shots here!

Plus, there will also be a cosplay competition with a prize pool of RM8,000 hosted by Hada Labo Malaysia!

Artist Alley

Are you a huge fan of key chains, stickers, bookmarks and all things cute and cool? The Artist Alley will be home to some of the most unique anime merchandise you can get. Some of the booths might even do commissions catered to your preference!

VTuber Showcase

We know how crazy fans can get when it comes to VTubing. In this showcase, visitors will get to meet their favourite VTubers through an avatar, curated by PSY8 themself.

Maid Cafe and Concafe

We often see maid cafes in anime but this is the time to experience it for ourselves. The main theme of these maid cafes will be Anone Anone and Cells at Work. On the other hand, the Concafe will be themed around a hospital filled with nurse and doctor cosplayers.

Panels and Workshops

Time to learn a thing or two from industry experts! AniManGaki will also host panels and workshops that visitors can attend to pick up some interesting insights. We also got wind that a mystery guest will be appearing here!

A Virtual Event From Sky: Children of Light

Photo Credits: AniManGaki

For those who don’t know, Sky: Children of Light is an amazing indie game developed by thatgamecompany, released back in 2019 while also receiving stellar reviews. The game will be making its first SEA debut in this year’s AniManGaki, filled with activities and goodies for visitors.

The event will be a concert-themed virtual world which we expect to be spectacular given that the game is already so aesthetically pleasing. This event is a must-visit for fans of the game or anyone who loves artistic works.

Do note that this event will be taking place on the 25th of AniManGaki at 9 PM local time.

Exciting Stage Performances

Special Performances
Photo Credits: AniManGaki

Various talents are also invited to present their musical performances which will go on until the event ends. The highlight of the performances would be JKT48, happening on the second day of the event. This is their first time performing in Malaysia so if you’re a fan, this might be your only opportunity to meet them!

Besides that, a contest, AniManGaki Idol will allow contestants to compete in a friendly singing competition. The contest is hosted by JBL Malaysia with a prize pool of RM4,000.

Special and Featured Guests

A lot of familiar faces of the anime/cosplay community will also be present. This is another rare chance for enthusiasts to get in touch with actual pros and see their craft in motion. The special guests include:


One of the most famous cosplayers in Malaysia with a huge following worldwide. Hakken is also the ambassador for Tokyo Tourism which speaks to his abilities.

Keisuke Ito

A maestro in fusing both traditional and modern Japanese music, Keisuke Ito will also make an appearance. The notable works of Ito in anime music include Naruto and Ensemble Stars.

Yusuke Kozaki

Famed for his illustrations and designs for popular franchises such as Fire Emblem and Pokemon, Yusuke Kozaki is also here in AniManGaki. Hopefully, visitors can catch him illustrating some of his most iconic and original characters!


Coming all the way from Indonesia, JKT48 is no stranger to the Asian entertainment scene. As we’ve mentioned, JKT48 will be performing on the second day of the event so be sure to have your calendars marked then!

Comix Wave Films

Responsible for most of Makoto Shinkai’s gorgeous masterpieces like Your Name and Suzume, Comix Wave Films will be here to showcase their work and to connect with artists around the globe.

For more information regarding AniManGaki and to purchase its tickets press the “ANIMANGAKI SITE” button below!