AniManGaki Returns This August! Get Your Tickets Now!

AniManGaki Returns This August! Get Your Tickets Now!


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After 2 years of absence, AniManGaki is finally making its return to the MINES International Exhibition and Convention Centre. This event will be held from the 27th to the 28th of August 2022 where the best cosplayers, animators and artists gather to showcase their works.

Throughout the weekend, visitors will get to enjoy a wide array of activities that are separated into 2 floors. The Upper Mezzanine Level is dedicated to artists, cosplayers, exhibitors, carnival games, vTubers and tabletop games.

On the 2nd floor, skill-enhancing workshops are also available alongside, an arcade arena, fighting games competition, maid cafe and community room. Interested parties can also participate in this event digitally. There will also be an online art competition and a lucky draw for amazing gifts.

On-stage performances are also hosted for a cosplay competition, singing contest and a live concert by special guests of the community. The special guests involved in this year’s AniManGaki include MindaRyn, Emirichu, Randowis and Shirahama Kamome. Fans will also get to request their autographs and enjoy their performances during the event.

The event Director, Yvonne Sing expresses her gratitude to all supporters for having their backs and coming together on this renewed adventure. She also trusts that AniManGaki will continue to exist as long as the community needs it.

Co-director Jo Lynn also adds that it is their intention to come back stronger from the 2-year absence for the sake of the community. She also wishes that their hard work will shine through and their efforts noticed.

For more info regarding the AniManGaki event or to purchase the event tickets, refer to their official website here.


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AniManGaki is an event that invites thousands of animation, comics and games enthusiasts together. It is also a platform where content creators can showcase their latest works and is also a place where renowned talents can interact with their fans and supporters.