Anime RPG KonoSuba: Fantastic Days 100-Day Celebration

Starting today, the free-to-play mobile RPG KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! celebrates its first 100 Days reincarnated into our world. Nexon will be rewarding fans with an abundance of limited-time in-game events and rewards as a way to say thank you to players around the world.

In celebration of 100 days since global launch, fans will be able to enjoy the following special events:

  • 100th Day Pack: A special 100-Day pack will be available to purchase in-game from November 26 to December 2 featuring 5,000 Quartz (Paid), a 4-Star Guarantee Recruit Ticket, a 3-Star+ Guarantee Recruit Ticket, and 100 Skip Tickets.
  • 100 Free Recruit Pulls: Featuring Super Sledder Dust and Winter Wonderland Rin, users will receive 10 free pulls every day, up to 10 days max, between November 27 and December 6.
  • 7-Day Login Bonus: Players who log in between November 26 and December 9 get a login bonus totaling 100 Skip Tickets, 100 Minor Upgrade Stones, 10 Legendary Chalice, and 1,300 Quartz.
  • 100th Day Special VA Video Rewards: Players will be rewarded with one 4-Star Guarantee Ticket, 500 Quartz, and 100 Skip Tickets.


A new infographic released by Nexon shows how far players have come over the course of the last 100 days (data period from 8/19/21 – 11/10/21). Some of the most interesting stats include:

  • Most Challenged Stages:
    • 1st – [Free Quest] EXP – Ultimate
    • 2nd – [Free Quest] Eris – Ultimate
    • 3rd – Bounty Hunt! Flame Kraken (NORMAL 12)
    • 4th – Collecting on This Summer Beach! (HARD)
    • 5th – [Free Quest] Grimoires – Ultimate
  • Total Number of Recruits: 94,702,557
  • Most Popular Party Members: Treasure Hunter Melissa, Royal Holiday Iris, Explosive Megumin, Elegance Melissa, and High-Flying Thief Chris
  • Top 5 Affinity Ranking: Megumin, Melissa, Aqua, Kazuma, and Darkness


  • Number of Event Bosses Defeated: 413,362,123
  • Number of Stamina Beef Consumed: 18,601,793


KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is published by Nexon in partnership with KonoSuba publisher Kadokawa, and developed by Sumzap.

To stay up-to-date on KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, visit the Google Play or App Store page, and be sure to follow @PlayKonoSuba on Instagram and Twitter for the latest news!




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