Another Diablo and Warcraft Character Joins The Fray In Heroes of the Storm

A familiar face from Warcraft and Diablo is making its way into Blizzard’s popular MOBA franchise, Heroes of the Storm. Prepare to face foes as Gul’dan from Warcraft and Auriel from Diablo.

Blizzard dropped an “In Development” clip that shows off the two new characters and the skins that they will come with. Here’s an excerpt from Gamespot on the two new characters:

“Warcraft’s new addition is Gul’dan, who appears to be able to Fear characters in a small area. Diablo’s character is Auriel, who shoots out an attack in a straight line that knocks back and stuns enemy characters (perhaps only when they hit a wall, similar to Diablo’s charge).”

In addition to the new characters, new skins will also be making its way to Heroes of the Storm for characters such as Li Ming, whose new Striker skin gives her new ability effects. No official timetable on when the characters will make its way to Heroes of the Storm.

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Source: Heroes of the Storm (YouTube)

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