Antediluvian survival action/shooter ALTERBORN announced

Warsaw-based developer Iron Lung has announced ALTERBORN, a new antediluvian survival action/shooter.

ALTERBORN is in development for Windows PC(via Steam) and PlayStation 5,and has a release set for sometime in 2023.

Iron Lung is made up of veteran developers from studios like Ubisoft, Techland, CI Games, Bloober Team, and Qloc.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

ALTERBORN is a third-person survival action shooter set in a grim,lawless world corrupted by an antediluvian force. You’re an Alterborn, one of the last survivors that eluded death, but not without cost; change overtook you, becoming etched on your very being. You’re set to explore the Shattered Lands, while on a quest to venture into the heart of the curse that plagues you.

Embark on a dangerous journey, roaming a vast,bizarre wasteland filled with otherworldly fauna and flora, unlike anything you have ever seen before and uncover all its mysteries. The world is steeped in dark humor and does not play by any rules. Most of the time.

A Unique blend of multiple genres such as soulslike, roguelite, looter shooter and more, mixed in with a plethora of arcade abilities that cause unspeakable mayhem…and fun.

Explore gameplay systems with meaningful choices! Fine-tune your playstyle by mixing and matching countless unlockables such as varied, extraordinary guns, abilities and traits.

Side with those you deem worthy and fight those you…are just not very fond of. Do Whatever! A complex relationship system filled with possibilities will at the very least let you get a glimpse at what is truly going on within this crazed, unstable world.


  • AlTERED STATE – Your surroundings change in real time before your very eyes; explore handcrafted levels mixed in with procedurally generated content and ever changing gameplay mechanics.
  • CRAFT YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE – Overcome adversity with a flexible level of difficulty that utilizes game mechanics rather than an artificial slider. Subsequently, each type of player will appreciate the challenge tailored specifically to them. Special contents awaits those most dedicated.
  • DYNAMIC AND REPLAYABLE – Your actions do matter and impact the world around you. Whenever you delve into the Shattered Lands, your experience will differ, offering you brand new quest and events while pitting you against unique enemies and bosses. At the same time spotting patterns, learning them and adjusting your toolset accordingly will be rewarded.





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