AOK Special Reward Top Up Promotion


Promotion Date: 22nd September 2014 , 12p.m – 31st October 2014 ​​, 12p.m​

Promotion Info:

Event A : Purchase 1,000 cubits @OffGamers with Paypal to get the ​special rewards ​20 gold .( ​One​ player ​is ​limit to ​one ​time bonus gold only )

Event B : The top 5 cubits spenders will receive the grand prize “Speed Up Without Trace ” for free within the promotion period. ( No restriction on number of purchase )

Terms & Conditions :

1. This promotion is EXCLUSIVE for all OffGamers users. It is only applicable for the purchases through OffGamers by using the PayPal as Payment Method in order for you to entitle for the extra gold within the promotion period. ( Event A: One​ player ​is​limit to ​one ​time bonus gold only )

2. AOK Players are required to submit their details by using the submission form (click here).

3. To entitle for the special reward, user have to ​convert the cubits i​n to Gold during the event.

4. OffGamers will select the top 5 spenders for the Grand Prize “Speed Up Without Trace” after 31st October 2014.

5. Extra 20 Gold will be delivered within 7 to 14 working days after ​the purchase . ​

6. Cubinet & OffGamers reserve the right to change or amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

7. All results are final. No further correspondence or appeal will be entertained.

For more information, please visit: Age Of Kungfu Official Site.

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Age Of Kungfu (SEA) Cubicard

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