Apex Legends Mobile: Best Legends for Beginners

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Apex Legends is one of the most competitive eSports of all time, and now the Mobile version is finally here. Apex Legends Mobile takes this battle royale game to your smartphone or tablet. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, grab some Apex Legends Syndicate Gold to get a boost!

Let’s dive into the heroes you can play on Apex Legends Mobile and some tips for beginners to help you emerge victorious. 


6 Apex Legends Mobile Characters for Beginners

There are 10 Legends in Apex Legends Mobile, but we’re going to share six of the best characters for beginners to play.


1. Gibraltar – Tier S

Want to play support for your team? Choose Gibraltar. If you want to get technical, Gibraltar is a tank. He shields his allies from harm, giving everyone a much-needed breather when the fight gets heated.

But Gibraltar isn’t just there to take punches. He can deal some serious damage on his own thanks to his targeted missile strike Ultimate ability.



Defensive Bombardment: Gibraltar’s Ultimate attack, which sends out mortar strikes to a specified point. Use it to wipe out enemies, lure players out or create a big distraction.

Dome of Protection: Places a shield over the team to block enemy attacks. The dome lasts 12 seconds.

Gun Shield: Protects players from enemy fire.

If you like playing the protector, Gibraltar is the perfect Legend for you. But you’ll need to communicate with your team to time your Dome and Defensive Bombardment properly. These moves are game-changers and can give your team the breather it needs to get back on track.


2. Wraith – Tier A

If you prefer a stealthy playstyle, Wraith is your Legend. She’s probably the most famous Apex Legends character, and she’s excellent at carrying out sneak attacks. Wraith’s abilities allow her to move from one location to another undetected by her enemies.



Dimensional Rift: Wraith’s Ultimate ability. Opening a rift creates a portal that links to two locations. The team can move through the portal to easily escape certain death or take advantage of an opportunity to wipe out the other team. 

Voices from the Void: Alerts you when an enemy is nearby.

Into the Void: Change your position without alerting your foes.

In the right hands, Wraith can be a serious legend. But she’s a bit tricky to play. Her moves can easily backfire on her team if she’s not played correctly. 


3. Bloodhound – Tier S

If you like playing support but don’t want the responsibility of tanking, Bloodhound is a great choice. Bloodhound is really beginner-friendly, although he can be tough to master. 

As you may have guessed, this Legend has a recon role. He can scout out the enemy’s location, so your team can attack at just the right time.



Beast of the Hunt: Bloodhound’s Ultimate ability. It gives you a speed boost and lets your track enemies faster. While active, Bloodhound becomes an indestructible beast that can sneak up on enemies.

Tracker: See your enemy’s footprints to track them down and finish them off.

Eye of the Allfather: Exposes all nearby enemies and their traps.

Bloodhound is easy to pick up and play, but you’ll need to communicate with your team to succeed. The information he gathers can change the game and help your team attack at just the right moment. 


4. Octane – Tier B

If you want to feel like a true legend, play Octane. Octane is hands-down the most OP (overpowered) character in the game. But like with Wraith, he’s only deadly in the right hands. It takes some time to master his abilities. He can either be the deadliest Legend or the biggest liability to a team.

Octane moves at lightning-fast speed, but he’s not as durable as other Legends. To stay alive, you always have to be on the move. But you do get one of the best passive abilities in the game: Swift Mend. Swift Mend is a health regen ability that comes in handy when you’re on the move.



Launch Pad: Octane’s Ultimate ability. Launch Pad gives you a jump pad that you and your team can use for a mid-air boost.

Swift Mend: Recover health when you’re not in combat.

Stim: Move 30% faster at the cost of 10 health points.

To play Octane well, you need to have an aggressive playstyle. In the right hands, he can be a force to be reckoned with. However, while his Launch Pad is a great move, it can also be used by enemies, so the timing needs to be right.


5. Lifeline – Tier A

Lifeline is a support character with healing abilities, so she’s a great addition to any team. If you want to make a difference on your team, Lifeline is the ideal character to play. Plus, her Ultimate ability is one of the best in the game.



Care Package: Lifeline’s Ultimate ability. It grants you a care package that gives your teammates high-level loot.

Combat Medic: Calls out the Drone of Compassion to revive allies.

D.O.C. Heal Drone: Calls out the Drone of Compassion to heal all nearby team members.

If you enjoy playing support as a healer, Lifeline is your best choice.


6. Fade

Fade is a new addition to the game, and you’ll only find him on the mobile version. If you played Wraith, you’re going to love playing Fade. The critical difference is that he’s ultra-fast and really good at attacking and flanking.



Flash Back: Go back to a specific point in time with this ability that has a 20-second CD.

Slipstream: Slide and then get a quick burst of speed.

Phase Chamber: Fade’s Ultimate ability will trap all nearby opponents and won’t allow them to attack or move.

Fade is a very technical legend to master, and while he has tons of potential, he’s not our top pick for a legend – just yet. You can unlock Fade by collecting ten fade pieces, which you receive during your journey of reaching levels 1 – 25 on the battle pass. You can also spend money to purchase him.


Beginner Tips & Tricks for Apex Legends Mobile

There’s a lot to learn about Apex Legends Mobile, but these tips below come from some of the top players in the world in Apex Legends. And we’re confident that these same tips will transcend to the mobile version of the game.



Apex Legends Mobile is all about teamwork. If you’re not willing to work with others to win, you’re going to have a very bad time playing this game. With that said, professional players not only practice with their main hero a lot, but they do something else that makes them better than others: communicate.


How do you communicate?



You can ping the location of:

  • Enemies
  • Loot
  • Areas that have been looted


If your squad uses pings effectively, they’ll gain the advantage over their competitors by alerting them where the high loot areas are and what locations are safe to go to and begin shooting.


Pick the Right Hero

What hero will you pick? The guide above should help you out a lot here and covers a wealth of information on the best heroes in Apex Legends Mobile. Each hero adds a new dynamic to the squad, and it’s essential to:

  • Test out legends
  • Learn how to play a hero
  • Unlock more legends


You might be fantastic with one legend and a complete disaster at another. One way to get familiar with heroes and not just pick a random one is to join in on arena mode. 


Practice in Arena Mode

But what if you don’t know which hero is the right choice for you? Well, you can jump into Arena Mode and have a blast doing it. Arena Mode allows you to test out your gameplay and composition on mobile.

What many players mention that’s very different between Apex Legends and the mobile version is mobile is faster.

You have to be very fast to react and adjust your gameplay.

Arena allows you to make these fast adjustments and requires a lot of teamwork to succeed. If you’re playing with friends, it’s a ton of fun to go into the arena and test out your composition. And Arena allows you to:

  • Test out legends
  • Learn which legends you’re good at playing
  • Figure out which legend to make your main


If you win a round, you get to go back to the menu to buy more items or can craft new items with the materials you’ve gathered.


Plug in a Controller

If you’re on the go, you won’t have time to use a controller when playing. But if you want to master Apex Legends, we have a secret for you that will change your gameplay completely: use a controller.

You can use any Bluetooth controller you like, including one for:

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox


Of course, you can always use the on-screen controller, but it’s far less intuitive and doesn’t provide the crisp controls that a controller provides. Plus, if you’re already used to playing Apex Legends, the controls will be practically second nature to you.


Understanding Perks

Perks are a major difference between the original Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile. Every time you level up, you can use the token you receive or decide to save it up to use to unlock other perks in the legend’s skill tree.

Since you can only level up one legend at a time, it’s crucial to become a master of one hero.

This is why we recommend that you play a bit of Arena with your friends and truly master each legend. You can mix and match, unlocking skill trees for all heroes, but it’s going to take a lot of time to reach the meta of a legend.

Since perks are so advantageous, it’s often best to unlock them with heroes you love playing first.


Drop-in a Smart Location

Learning maps is crucial to your gameplay. For example, advanced players may land in more dangerous areas of the map and be able to take out players because they know the map well. However, if you know the map well yourself, you can land in areas that are less lethal.

For example, if you land in the purple areas of the map where the most valuable loot is located, you better have a squad that will back you up and is confident in their abilities.

Otherwise, avoid these areas like the plague.

Instead, you want to try going to the areas where there’s either middle-tier loot or just try and survive. Unfortunately, if you land and there’s no action at all, you’re going to have to scrape by and try gathering whatever loot is left behind by more advanced players.

For a beginner, living longer in the beginning and just staying alive is such a great learning experience.


Master Colors

Beginners will see colours on the map and not really know what they mean. One thing we almost forgot to mention is the multiple colours on the map, and the colours and what they mean are below:

  • White: Common level loot
  • Blue: Rare level loot
  • Purple: Epic level loot
  • Gold: Legendary loot


If you’re a first-time player landing in an area that is purple or gold, you’re going to be decimated by your foes. Of course, you might get a lucky shot and live a little while, but these are the areas for squads that have some experience and know the map well.

For a beginner, go to the white or blue areas on the map because you’ll live longer.

In your first few dozen games, living and getting used to the game mechanics is going to be vital to your development as a player. Focus on those easier loot areas and make friends with others who you meld with as a player and can truly build a long-lasting squad with.


Play Through the Rookie Tutorial

Rookie tutorials are often ignored by the players that need them the most: rookies. The tutorial is good for anyone just trying out the game for the first time and will teach you important aspects of the game, such as:

  • Teammate banners
  • Climbing
  • Sliding
  • Picking
  • Etc.


Any type of experience you can gain as a player is a good experience. Tutorials are the least threatening way to get accustomed to the game without the fear of dying left and right. Plus, you definitely won’t master the game and how to play if you don’t practice.

As they say: practice makes perfect.


Final Thoughts

Apex Legends Mobile is a beautiful rendition of the original with a lot of the same, great features you already know and love. People from across the globe are playing and showing off their skills on:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube


Watching some of these players will help you stay updated on any new additions to the game and can help you learn how to be a much better player.