Apple Watch Is Getting A Legitimate Square Enix RPG

The adventure is not sitting in the palm of your hands, it’s located on your wrist with the Apple Watch. Cosmos Rings is the “world’s first RPG” for the Apple Watch and its being made by JRPG pioneers, Square Enix.

You read that right, we’ll be getting an honest-to-goodness RPG from Square Enix on Apple Watches.

Apple Watch Cosmos Rings

So far, Square Enix have only released a teaser image for the Apple Watch RPG but according to Famitsu, Cosmos Rings is expected for release worldwide in the summer. The game functions by using the Apple Watch’s pedometer with plenty of beautiful on-screen designs that Square Enix are known for.

Leading and creating the game is Takehiro Ando, known for creating the mobile franchise Chaos Rings, with Yusuke Naora designing the art for Cosmos Rings.

Cosmos Rings Square Enix

Being the first Apple Watch RPG is definitely a new step for Square Enix and hopefully, it pays off. Will you be getting Cosmos Rings for your Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Famitsu