Crack Open the Fun: Eggy Party Launches in the Philippines!

Eggy Party is going to be available in the Philippines starting 21 April. You can get Eggy Party skins by purchasing NetEase Pay from OffGamers.

We have good news for you! Eggy Party is going to be available in the Philippines starting 21 April. Not from the Philippines? No fret, as the game will also be launched globally soon. 

It’s double the party if you’re a content creator, or even a streamer! Eggy Party’s launch will also come with a Creator Recruitment Event, where selected creators will be given early access to Eggy Party, so that they can get a little bit of a head start by building some game maps, and share their ideas on social media.

Better yet, you might be part of a trendsetter movement in the game, as this early access allows players who join after to go through the stages of your creation!

Want to be a part of the eggs-citing movement? You can join the program by filling in the form.

So, what is Eggy Party?

Eggy Party is a fun party or social game that features multiple obstacle courses. Think “Fall Guys”, but your characters are shaped as eggs. You will get boosters or items along the way to help you win the race, or to knock out your fellow Eggy. What’s more, there are many game modes for you to try out as well, so you can play however you want to.

Build your own Eggstacle

Here comes the fun part: build the obstacle course of your dreams in Eggy Party’s Map Builder! Choose your terrain, place the obstacles however you like, this function gives the players full control of the obstacle.

Join in the fun

If you are reading this, this is a sign for you to download the game today! Want more signs for you to make your move? You can purchase your Eggy Party skins via NetEase Pay from OffGamers to spice up your look. Swag wins games, right? Time to crack out that shell and join the Eggy Party!

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