Genshin Impact 3.6 Update Released, featuring new 5-star character

Genshin Impact version 3.6 introduces a new character named Kazuha, who is a five-star Anemo user with a sword. He hails from Inazuma and has a unique elemental skill that allows him to jump high and create a wind current.

Additionally, the update includes a new archipelago region called the “Golden Apple Archipelago,” which features a new set of islands to explore and challenges to complete. Players can earn new rewards and decorations for their Serenitea Pot home by completing tasks on the islands. 

There are also new events, such as the “Echoing Tales” event, which allows players to unlock a new four-star character named “Yanfei” by completing challenges and quests. The event also includes a new storyline that delves into the history of Liyue. 

Finally, version 3.6 includes various quality of life improvements, such as the ability to save and load artifact sets, improvements to the character ascension system, and adjustments to the Spiral Abyss difficulty.

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