New Event Story Now Available on Blue Archive – Get Set, GO!

On April 26th, NEXON announced the release of the latest event story, "Get Set, Go!" for Blue Archive..

On April 26th, NEXON Korea Corp. announced the release of the latest event story, “Get Set, Go!” for Blue Archive, a subculture game developed by their subsidiary, Nexon Games.

In this event story, you will learn about the expectations, goals and struggles of the students participating in the highly anticipated Kivotos Halo Festival. Apart from the new event story, the Dice Race event will also be available. By using dice to move around the track, players can acquire Eligma, Hasumi (Track)’s Eleph and various other rewards. So, don’t miss out!

Three new students will be included in the update as well.

Yuuka (Track) is a Mystic Striker from Millennium. When using her EX Skill, she moves to the targeted location and gains a barrier proportional to her healing. She also summons a flag at that location, moving three allies to that flag and provides a barrier proportional to her healing.

Mari (Track) is a Mystic Striker from Trinity General School whose EX Skill restores the HP of allies, excluding herself, in a circular area proportional to her healing.

Hasumi (Track) is a Striker from Trinity General School who can be obtained from the event itself. Her EX Skill deals damage to a single enemy proportional to her ATK. This damage can be increased by 30% per Cost by spending up to two additional Costs.

Goz, a new Total Assault raid boss, will also be added. Goz is a one-animatronic show in the theme park, Slumpia. Goz’s large health pool and trickster nature will require a strategic approach to overcome.

Nexon will give 1,200 Pyroxenes and one 10-Recruitment Ticket as rewards to all players who pre-registered for the event. Nexon is also holding a special login event called “Cheer On! Arona’s Special Bonus!” to celebrate the update. Available until Tuesday, May 16, players who log in to the game will receive a daily reward of 100 Pyroxenes as well as a 3-Star Field Day Rest Tent bonus reward on the seventh day.

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