The XGP 1-dollar trial promotion has ended, and how can I get the cheapest XGP membership?

The XGP membership 1-dollar trial promotion has ended, users can get best deals for Xbox Gift Cards on OffGamers.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass (XGP membership) and PC Game Pass subscription services have been offering a one-month trial promotion for the first month for a few years now, but recently, after media contacted Microsoft to confirm, the global gaming communication director at Microsoft stated in a statement that the trial promotion has been officially removed and will discuss new promotional programs for new subscribers.

Microsoft is currently promoting the Friends & Family program for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and subscribers will be allowed to share the membership benefits with up to four other friends or family members. The program has been expanded to new countries including New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Hungary, Israel, and Sweden, but it is not currently available for every country.

The cancellation of the trial promotion may be due to the fact that tens of thousands of people continue to register temporary accounts for Xbox Game Pass to rack up points and purchase discounted Xbox Game Pass memberships, which could have an impact on future major releases from Microsoft.

In the meantime, how can I get the cheapest Xbox Game Pass membership after the trial promotion ends?

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