ArcheAge: Join Mistsong Summit & Arena for Extra Rewards

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ArcheAge players can now take on more daily quests outside Mistsong Summit between 23rd February to 8th March. A mysterious Masked Daru will be offering daily quests to take down Dochul, Sojung, and Aria.

Everytime these quests are completed, you’ll soon receive a reward with a Daru’s Gift Box which offers variety of rewards. For more, regarding this, do check out the link below.


ArcheAge players can also check on you own skills in Arena which will be held from March 8 to the 22th. It involves knocking your opponent in a 1 vs 1 Sparring Arena or a team Skirmish Arena of 3 vs 3. The Masked Daru will be standing with the Arena Manager in your faction’s Capital City.

Of course, after successfully getting the kills to your record, you’ll be able to obtained an extra Donation Reward Box which will grant 5 – 10 Warrior’s Medals.

Don’t forget to keep participating in the Login Tracker to gain extra rewards each day.


For more information relating to this, click Here.

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