Ariana Grande’s Fortnite event takes players all over the Rift

Ariana Grande has come to Fortnite as a massive, glass-ceiling-shattering god. During Friday’s Rift Tour event, players got to play along in several minigames and experience new settings, all while a virtual version of the pop star performed some of her most famous songs.

The in-game event started by dropping players onto a massive rainbow-colored slide, where they can pick up powers to make them go faster. As players slid and started to speed up, “Come and Go” by Marshmello ft. Juice Wrld played, kicking off the concert. From there, everyone got transported to a giant stuffed bear, where they could bounce around. Next, a giant crystal monster appeared and players are transported into an airplane to shoot him down, all while various songs play in the background.

After all that excitement, the game faded to black, and everyone crowded together until the in-game version of Ariana Grande appeared, kicking off her part of the event with “7 Rings.”

From there, the pop star sang several of her most famous songs, with a massive staged performance in the background. Players ran through a Greek-inspired temple with Ariana as a godlike-figure above them, flew through the air on unicorns, and floated inside massive bubbles with rainbows all around.

While the event overall may be a slight departure for Fortnite, it certainly feels like it’s centered around Grande and her persona, just like the Travis Scott event from last year. The event also fits uniquely into Fortnite’s Metaverse, with Grande performing to a giant banana, Rick from Rick and Morty, and Batman all dancing along.

Of course since this is a Fortnite event, players can also buy an Ariana Grande outfit and other cosmetics — like her Piggy Smalls, the pet pig back bling — which are all in the Fortnite store now.

Friday’s performance was only the first of Grande’s Fortnite Rift Tour, which will be available in several other regions in the following days before ending back in the United States for an encore on Sunday.

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