Asiasoft – RF Online: Buy Any of The Featured Items At 50% Off!

Buy Any Of The Featured Items At 50% Off!

On the approach to the impending Blood Championships, and to combat the recent slew of bad weather!

HERE’S A SALE! 50% Off on some solid utility items; don’t be scared, be prepared!

Blood Flood Sale – Item Mall Update 7/31

Patch Notes:

• Armor Socket Extender B
• Armor Socket Extender C
• Weapon Socket Extender (Type C)
• Weapon Socket Extender (Type B)
• Seed 4 Hours
• Name Change Potion
• Jade of Communication (24 Hours)
• Full Recovery Potion
• Original Place Revival
• Valentines day chocolate
• Neutralizing Potion
• Movement Speed+ Potion


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@Cash Singapore
@Cash Malaysia
Level Up !
Multi Game Card



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