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Asiasoft continue ‘Sharing is Caring’ donated over 260k USD to 16 organizations in SEA

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, a leading online game publisher in Southeast Asia reinforces its thrust of ‘Sharing is Caring’ despite the challenges of the global pandemic. To help communities gravely affected by the COVID-19 crisis, Asiasoft donated over 260,000 USD to 16 organizations across its 5 countries of operation – Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

The Company sincerely intended to do its part to lessen the burden caused by COVID-19 on society. Through various efforts in the past year, the company rallied to give back and channel the support it received from the community to various dimensions such as public health, education, and development. Asiasoft hopes it has contributed, not only from the enjoyment of its games but also through its charitable work, to make daily life even a little easier for people from all walks of life including those differently able and the brave medical frontliners. We encourage everyone to strive through this crisis safely.

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Asiasoft 游戏发行商持续贯彻 ‘分享即是关怀’ 理念,乐捐超过 1,000,000 令吉至东南亚 16 所慈善机构!

Asiasoft 集团是家东南亚领先的游戏发行公司,在近年来全球面临严峻的 COVID-19 危机时,依然持续贯彻 “分享即是关怀” 的理念。为协助各慈善团队一同应对 COVID-19 的考验,Asiasoft 乐捐了总数达 260,000 USD (约超过马币一百万令吉)至五个国家,十六所慈善机构。本次捐款受惠的国家包括泰国、新加坡、菲律宾、马来西亚以及越南。

秉持着“取之社会,用之社会” 的原则。Asiasoft 在本次的活动中,主要用以协助各个慈善机构与单位,一同面对挑战!其中不乏捐赠给予公共医疗服务、教育以及社会发展的相关单位。 Asiasoft 希望透过本次的慈善活动,可以有效的帮助需要协助的人士,同时也尽力协助前线单位,鼓励大家一起努力抗疫!



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