Atlantica Online – Invasion of Scary Acongs is back in 2021!

Event Duration: January 21, 2020 until February 18, 2021

Growl!! A wandering acong eats a mutated Oriharukon crystal and evolves into a gigantic monster!


•Fight any monsters between level 81 and above. [Scary Acong] will appear randomly.

•Defeat [Scary Acong] to collect [Acong Bait 2021].

•Use [Acong Bait 2021] in Hainan Island to fish [Atlas Koi] and if you are very lucky, you might reel in Unnias: The Strong!

•Exchange [Atlas Koi] to [Fisherman Acong] to receive event rewards.


Don’t wait! Join Atlantica Online now!!!

Atlantica Online
(PC) (MGC)


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