Atlantica Online – Update Preview


Hello Atlantians!


Atlantica Online’s latest update arrives next week, and includes:

Olympus Tower Additions


Olympus Tower is being expanded with the addition of two new floors- Tough Guys (Warrior) and Tough Guys (Hero). Grab your friends and see how far you can progress into the tower. The last six Jupiter weapons will also become available to earn! As a special bonus, each day two floors will be randomly chosen as “hot” floors, which can give you more EXP and allow you to receive double the rewards!


Zombie, Pharaoh, and Three Kings Invasion


Riederan has not just one, but three new plans for invasion! An undead horde has been unleashed and is making its way across the continent. The Pharaoh and his monsters are invading Western Europe, letting loose waves of ancient spirits and undead creatures! In the Three Kings, the greay hero Guan Yu has been deceived into assisting Riederan with his evil plans. At key times during the event period, you will need to gather the forces of your entire server and defeat all of the invading monsters within 20 minutes.

Pandora Coin Shop


There’s a new way to get some sweet goodies! Purchase Pandora Coins and then use them in the Pandora Coin Shop to obtain random items. Twelve items are available at a time, including the new Fenrir and Feral Fenrir mounts which are exclusive to the Pandora Coin Shop! The Pandora Coin Shop will be available for a limited time.

Ice Rink Dungeon Event

Enjoy the chilly winter months with some icy games! A massive Ice Rink dungeon will be appearing in the frozen north. Stay logged in for one hour each day to receive an Ice Rink Ticket, which grants you admission to the dungeon. Get out on the ice and take on the Hockey Acongs in a brawling hockey match! Earn Gold Medals and exchange them for rewards including a Snowmobile mount or Winter Outfit Box.

Get ready Atlantians! New content arrives January 14th!

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