AU2 A Christmas Hymn For you

AU2 A Christmas Hymn For you ~

Starry Deer Egg is coming now
Starry Deer Egg is on sale for ONE week only! Different Starry Deer Egg packs will be on sale only on 22th Dec. Discount on Starry Deer Egg in Xmas Offer will start from 23th Dec to 26th Dec. Open Starry Deer Eggs and win background, frame and badge!

Christmas Psalm Egg is back!
Christmas Psalm Egg is back for ONE week only!

Get Snowman Fresh Bag
Top up to 980 Gems on 22th Dec to earn the accessory Snowman Fresh Bag

Stars Mounts Collection
Star Love, Star Leaf, Star Burst, Star Dream and Star Ocean will be on sale in Xmas Offer from 23th Dec to 26th Dec! Collecting all of them and combine flashy mount Star Rainbow! (Workshop – Combine – Item) Top up totally to 1680 gems to get Star Origin! Star River is available in new Lucky Slot!

New Events since Dec. 22
[Total Top-Up]: Win fashions of [Heart CD], mount [Star Origin] and [Army Tank].
[Daily Top-Up] : Top up to 300 Gems daily within 3 straight days to win a rebate of 1000 Gems.

On Dec. 25: 1280 Gems for 160 [Love Messenger Eggs]
On Dec. 27: 1280 Gems for 160 [Cherry Mouse Eggs]

[Sale Packs]: Small Fortune Card Pack and Large Fortune Card Pack will be on sale ONLY on Dec. 24! Various Egg packs will be on sale on 23th, 25th, and 27th.

[Christmas Limited Sale]: Mounts [Star Love], [Star Leaf], [Star Burst], [Star Dream], [Star Ocean] will be on sale from 23th to 26th. Collect them all to sync [Star Rainbow] in Workshop – Combine – Item. Special face [Eyes of Stars] and [Shy Blush] will also be discounted up to 50%! (will be on sale at original price in mall after the Xmas Offer)

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