AU2 Dance New Fashions and Rewards!

AU2 Mobile is a dance and rhythm game with the most complete social features, and their New Event has arrived from 3 Nov, don’t miss the chance of grabbing new promotion items!

New Items:

  • Fashion Set [White Peacock]
  • New Time-Limited Fashion Egg of[Love Tyrant] and the mount [Love Throne] (from Nov 3 – Nov 17)
  • New Fashion Egg of [Lotus Fairy], [Lusty Wildcat]& [Wishful Egg]
  • Time- Limited Fashion Egg of [Ghost Funland] (from Nov 3 – at 0.00 Nov 9)


New Events:

  • [Star Avenue]: Rewards updated! Join to win fashions of [Passionate Lead] and [Beach Vacation], and the accessory [Voodoo Doll].
  • [Total Spend] Win fashions of [Winter Macaroon] and the accessory [Space Rabbit].
  • [Sale Packs]: Tons of rewards will be obtainable at super low prices.
  • [Limited Sale]: Various Eggs will be discounted in this event.
  • [Daily Top Up]: Top up to 300 Gems daily in 3 straight days to win a rebate of 900 Gems! A total purchase of 980 Gems on the 1st day will earn you the accessory [Red Nose].


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