Aura Kingdom: Dangers from Otherworld

Aura Kingdom: Dangers from Otherworld

Form a Team now and challenge the Dimensional Dungeon!

New Dungeon Bond – Otherworld Link (Duo)

The villagers have always warned that the swamp of Candeo is dangerous and numerous criminals lurk in the dark. Unaware that the danger now comes from another, unknown dimension, enemies of humanity have managed to penetrate the core of Candeo and conquer it.

Emerge victorious in this broken realm by working together as a team and establishing a bond.

Requirements to enter:

  • Your character must be Slvl10 or higher
  • 2 people are needed to start the dungeon
  • Go to “Candeo Marsh” on coordinates X176 Y621


    A chance to receive golden Trophies Slvl1: Bond – Cyclone Link and Bond – Earthquake Link besides Loyalty Points, EXP books, Fortification scrolls, and more!

    The Update also brings in Class Lancer Balance & Bug Fixes.
    The new Dungeon is out now!
    Conquer the Dungeon now to receive the rewards!

    More info:



    Razer Gold (Global)

    GoCash Game Card (Global)








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