Aura Kingdom: Golden Requiem Update

Source: Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom: Golden Requiem Update

Solve the mystery with your friends. Work together and figure out the clues to emerge victorious.


Source: Aura Kingdom

New Dugone: Nightmare – Grief Requiem (Party)

Take on the new challenge against the Dark Dragons.



  • Your character must be Level 110
  • Go to “Cactakara Forest” on coordinates X626 Y470
  • Enter the “Nightmare – Grief Requiem (Party)”



Receive the “Nightmare Emblem Fury” after defeating the final boss and you can exchange with Jakson for a “Glory Accessories and Mounts Lucky Pack”.

Apart from the Slvl 5, Slvl 15 gold accessories and mounts, you can get the Nightmare Fragment – Grief which you can merge using the formula that you get from the same NPC, and get a chance to obtain:

Nightmare Certificate – Grief (Non – Tradable)

  • Increasing DMG to Bosses by 2% for 5 secs
  • Only one Nightmare certificate effect can be activated at a time
  • Nightmare Certificate Effect can only be obtained once every 24h


Source: Aura Kingdom

You can also get the item “Nightmare Emblem 8” while running the dungeon, which can be exchanged for new pets and a fancy title!

Finally, the last update will allow you to upgrade the skills of the following Eidolons: Iwanaga-hime, Andrea, Urd, Skuld, Kingyo-hime and Persephone.



Razer Gold








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