Aura Kingdom – It’s the time for the Paragon created by Players!

Duration: September 12 ~ September 17, 2018

Aura Kingdom wants to know which item you want in Paragon! Show your dreams, wishes and desires! Aura Kingdom will choose a lucky one from each game (DE, FR, US, ES). But that’s not all, there is something new – a tool to help you to create your Paragon with a preview of it in real time!

You can open the tool here.


– Make it balanced.
– Include some stoppers.
Paragons are just suggestions so we can freely modify its content, if we need to.
– Only one Paragon per player is allowed to be submitted.


Top up Aura Kingdom now! You have a chance to win a costume of choice!


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For more information, please visit:
Aura Kingdom Official Site.

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