Aura Kingdom: Spring Weekend

Weekend in the Spring

Envoys, it’s time to bask in the magnificence of spring! (´・ω・`) So, what are you waiting out for? Show us what you’re up to on this lovely spring weekend! (♡ヮ♡)

Your Duties

  • 1. Show what you’ve been doing in-game to take advantage of this weekend’s bonus! Check to see whether it matches the “springtime glory” concept. It might be anything from accessorising the house to managing a particular dungeon…
  • 2. Take a snapshot or video and upload it to our global channel #spring-weekend. You may also include the hashtags #anime #aurakingdomweek to share it on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube).
  • 3. Tell us why you choose that activity to get you in the mood for spring! (´ ꒳` )
  • 4. Remember to include your IGN and server!
  • 5. Please read the regulations carefully!


Originality and significance to the requested theme will be considered!


  • 1. Remember to share your screenshot, IGN, and server in the worldwide Discord channel or on social media using the hashtags #anime #aurakingdomweek.
  • 2. The entry will be invalid if it is missing an IGN and a server (as well as hashtags on social media).
  • 3. Kindly inform us why you choose this activity.
  • 4. Each person may only submit one submission.
  • 5. You will have until May 2nd at 5:59 PM server time to participate.


Are you ready to dance your way into May?

*Please see Terms of Participation for more information.



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