Avatar: Reckoning brings battle on Pandora to mobile devices


Avatar: Reckoning is an upcoming MMO based in the world of Pandora, and it’ll be available for iOS and Android. Players will join Na’vi clans to fight off waves of RDA troops in either solo play or multiplayer matches. The game is being developed by Archosaur Games, and is currently planned for a 2022 release date.

Reckoning is the second Avatar game adaption planned for a 2022 release date, joining the upcoming Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment project Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Players will get to make a character, equip gear and weapons, and work their way through single-player story missions. There will also be multiplayer available in the forms co-op and PvP game modes. While mobile phones can be tricky for competitive games, Reckoning’s combat is being “tailored for touchscreen,” according to a press release.

A closed beta is planned to start in Canada this month; players who are eligible can sign up on the game’s official site.


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