Azteco making life simple and convenient!

Topping up with a Bitcoin voucher is exactly the same as topping up a mobile phone; millions of people on earth do it every week. Now with Azteco, they can top up with Bitcoin, allowing them to participate in global ecommerce.

Why choose Azteco? Here’s why you should choose Azteco!

Azteco is fast.
Topping up with Azteco takes only a few seconds both to issue and redeem a voucher.

Azteco is simple.
No account is needed to redeem an Azteco Voucher. Everyone already knows how to use it!

Azteco is safe.
Azteco doesn’t have user accounts, just like Pay as You Go SIM Cards. It’s “disposable Bitcoin” for small amounts.



Azteco Bitcoin Lightning Voucher USD100 (Global)

Azteco Bitcoin Lightning Voucher USD50 (Global)

Azteco Bitcoin Lightning Voucher USD20 (Global)

Azteco Bitcoin Lightning Voucher USD10 (Global)

Azteco Bitcoin Lightning Voucher USD5 (Global)

Azteco Bitcoin On-Chain Voucher USD100 (Global)

Azteco Bitcoin On-Chain Voucher USD50 (Global)

Azteco Bitcoin On-Chain Voucher USD20 (Global)


















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