Battle Royales Similar to PUBG Mobile

In the times of kings and queens, people settled disputes in a trial by combat. The last one standing was clearly the right one (who’s going to challenge him?). Today, we have battle royales, where we can take on 100 other people in a virtual fight to the death.

Of all the games in the battle royale genre, PUBG is one of the most popular. But there are other titles in the genre that are very similar to PUBG and just as fun. Before diving into those games, let’s talk about the battle royale genre and what makes PUBG so special.


What is a Battle Royale?

A battle royale is a type of multiplayer online game where players compete to be the last one standing. As the match progresses and players get eliminated, the map gets smaller. Anyone caught outside the map’s boundaries dies.

Battle royales are intense, but that’s what makes them so fun and addicting. It’s a blend of exploration, scavenging, and survival all mixed into one fast-paced match that will have you on the edge of your seat.

There are quite a few battle royale games out there, but PUBG is without question the most popular one.


What is PUBG Mobile?

pubg uc

PUBG Mobile is a massive online battle royale with 100 players competing to be the last one standing. PUBG, which stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was released back in 2017, and it has gained a massive following since its launch.

In March 2020, the game had 65 million players.

Like other battle royales, the game starts with you landing in some random spot on the map. The goal? Get as many weapons as you can and survive.

PUBG Mobile has its own currency called Unknown Cash, or UC. You can use PUBG UC to buy new outfits, companions, gun skins, accessories, and more. If you want to get the most out of PUBG, you need UC. You can get Unknown Cash through the app or from a PUBG Mobile UC seller. Another alternative would be for you to get some Google Play Gift Cards and buy UC in-game. A Google gift card is just another safe bet for you if you’re worried about scammers.

It’s a safe, simple way to buy UC. And if you have a friend or relative who loves PUBG, a gift card is a great way to enhance their gaming experience.

Like other popular mobile games, different variations and versions of the game have been released since its launch.


PUBG Mobile Lite

google play gift card

People love PUBG Mobile. But there’s just one problem – the game doesn’t run well on older devices.

The newly released PUBG Mobile Lite tackles this problem. It’s made for lower spec mobile devices and lets more people participate in this popular battle royale. It runs well on devices with less RAM without sacrificing the gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile Lite has a smaller map and just 60 players. Games are even more fast-paced. The only drawback? You can’t play with friends who are playing regular PUBG Mobile.


PUBG New State

pubg mobile uc seller

In February 2021, Krafton Inc announced PUBG New State on social media, and fans of the game lost it.

New State will be set in 2051, so the setting is futuristic. The game introduces a new map called Troi. The rules are the same: Be the last one standing.

While New State will generally look and feel like PUBG Mobile, there are some major differences. New State adds drones, combat rolls, and other features that are unique to the title, like weapon customization. With customization kits, you can transform your gear in new ways.

New State introduces bigger maps and more features that will take PUBG to new levels.

PUBG Mobile is a fun and addicting game, but it’s not an easy one to master. If you find yourself frustrated by the game, there are other battle royale titles to try.


Battle Royales Similar to PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is in a class on its own, but if you’re tired of getting your face smashed in (read our post How To Get Better In PUBG Mobile In The Next 10 Minutes to up your game) or trying to score that Chicken Dinner, there are other battle royale titles that are similar to PUBG.


Call of Duty: Mobile

cod mobile

Like PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile is a massive multiplayer battle royale with 100 players competing to be the last person standing. There’s also a multiplayer feature for traditional five vs. five team combat.

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty, you’ll love that you can play some of your favorite classic maps from the game.

With COD: Mobile, you can play heroes from Black Ops and Modern Warfare, including David Mason, John Price, and Simon “Ghost” Riley.

The first mobile season of 2021 is called New Order, and it introduces a new battle royale game mode, new weapons, and new multiplayer modes.

The new battle royale mode is called Blitz, and it’s similar to PUBG Mobile Lite. Fewer players (40 total) compete to be the last one standing. It’s even faster-paced than the original battle royale mode.




One of the first battle royale games to pave the way for the genre (along with PUBG). Fortnite was also launched in 2017, and it pits 100 players against each other to see who will be the last one standing.

The game started out on mobile, but it’s now cross-platform to make it even more accessible to players. It’s free to play, too.

With Fornite, you can team up with friends or other players to outlive other teams. You can also use materials in the world, like brick, wood, and metal, to build structures that give you an advantage.

Like PUBG, Fornite has a variety of weapons and vehicles to use. They also have events, submodes, and seasons.

One thing that sets Fornite apart from PUBG is its Party Royale mode. For those times when you want a more laid-back experience, Party Royale is for you. Try your hand at boat races and aerial obstacle courses, or just sit back and enjoy a movie or live concert. It brings a new dynamic to the genre.

There’s also a Creative mode within the battle royale mode. It allows you to create your own island with its own games and rules. Make your games as simple or as complex as you want. You’re only limited by your imagination.


Garena Free Fire

free fire

Free Fire is an action battle royale that won the 2019 Google Play Store “Best Popular Vote Game” award. That same year, it was the most downloaded mobile game in the world.

Free Fire has more than 80 million daily active users across the globe. The game uses Free Fire Diamonds as an in-game currency for players to acquire skins, weapons, bundles, characters, and so on.

The gameplay is similar to PUBG, but instead of 100 players, there are 50. Players are parachuted onto an island. Your goal is to search for weapons and equipment to get an edge on other players. The last person standing is the winner. But unlike some other battle royale games, Free Fire lets you choose your starting position.


Battlelands Royale

battlelands royale

Available on iOS and Android, Battlelands Royale is a different take on the battle royale format. It’s more of a casual gun game designed for everyone to enjoy. It’s similar to PUBG in that the goal is to be the last one standing.

Instead of 100 players, Battlelands Royale narrows it down to 32 players. The cartoonish graphics, overhead perspective, and unique maps make it a more approachable game.

What people love about this game is that it’s uncomplicated. It’s meant to be a fun way to play with friends or strangers. There’s no lobby waiting or complicated menus. Just drop in, grab weapons and start shooting.

Play solo, or team up with a friend in Duos. Battlelands Royale allows you to choose your landing spot. A variety of weapons are available, including shotguns, snipers, pistols, and rifles. You’ll find rare weapons, too, like miniguns and bazookas.

With Battlelands Royale, you’ll be playing with people across the globe. Along the way, you’ll collect new parachutes, characters, and emotes.

In the near future, developers plan to add more weapons, customization options, destructible environments, and more.


Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

pixels unknown battle grounds

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is like Minecraft meets PUBG. In fact, the cover of the game is basically a parody of PUBG.

The gameplay is virtually the same. Players are dropped from a parachute and race to grab the best weapons and gear. The last one standing wins. And like PUBG, the zone shrinks as the game progresses, and it does major damage.

The one thing you’ll notice with Pixels Unknown Battle Ground is that everything is pixelated (not surprising!).

There’s a lot to love about this game. It has a ton of skins, and you can play in teams. If you have an older phone or device, there are different graphic modes to help you enjoy the gameplay.

Choose from more than 30 weapon types, and hop in one of the many cars and military vehicles on the huge map. The auto shoot is convenient, and the controls are intuitive.

The only issue we see with this game is that it hasn’t been updated in a while.


Black Survival

black survival

Another battle royale mobile game that’s similar to PUBG in some ways, but very different in other ways. One thing we like about this game is that it aims to be a fair game with no Pay to Win aspects.

Black Survival pits 10 players against each other on a desert island. Combat lasts about 20 minutes, and fights happen with a single tap. The island has 22 areas to explore, including a beach, forest, and hospital.

Like PUBG and other battle royale games, the map starts shrinking over time. Don’t get caught outside the boundaries, or you’ll quickly lose your life.

Another fun aspect of this game is that there are so many different types of characters to choose from, be it: police, fencer, cook, hacker, doctor, student, actor, and more. There are seven types of weapons, and you can gather ingredients across the island to craft new tools, food, and weapons.

Black Survival is a bit more complex than PUBG. There are crafting elements and you can also hunt wild animals to level up. The map shrinks over time, and the goal (as usual) is to be the last one standing.


Hyper Scape

hyper scape

Created by Ubisoft, Hyper Scape is a battle royale game that’s very similar to PUBG. The goal is to survive and fight your way through different districts of Neo Arcadia. Like PUBG, each match pits 100 players against each other to see who will be the last one alive.

During gameplay, you can loot unique abilities that give you an edge on the competition.

Hyper Scape is set in 2054, where technology has taken over everything. In this world, the top 10% have all of the security and cyber-augments they would need. But the bottom 90% have to compete in a battle royale to climb their way to the top.

Hyper Scape’s futuristic setting is similar to PUBG New State, and the playstyle follows a similar format.


Rules of Survival

rules of survival

Rules of Survival is like PUBG on steroids. The game, which has more than 280 million players globally, pits 300 players against each other in a fight to see who will be the last one standing. The fully upgraded map is now 8×8 km and features a wide variety of terrains.

Like PUBG, the map shrinks over time, so you have to race to collect weapons, armor, and more. You can also play in solo or team mode. The availability of vehicles adds to the dynamic of the game.


Dying Light: Bad Blood

dying light

Dying Light: Bad Blood has a playstyle that’s very much like PUBG. It’s a first-person battle royale game where you’re parachuted onto an island. But the main difference is that the zone is infested with zombies.

Compete against 12 other players to be the sole survivor, or create a team and fight to survive together.

During gameplay, you’ll have to destroy zombie hives to level up, scavenge to get weapons, and use your parkouring skills to outsmart other players.

The game combines PvP and PvE elements seamlessly in a fast-paced online game.


Apex Legends

apex legends

Apex Legends aims to take battle royale to the next level. It’s available on a wide range of platforms, and it’s free to play. The game offers a variety of legendary characters to choose from. These characters have unique abilities that could lead you to victory, depending on your playstyle and strategies.

Play as a team with two other players to be the last group standing, or master your character and compete in 60-player matches.

Like PUBG, Apex Legends has special events, loot boxes and battle passes.


The Takeaway

Although PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games, these titles are great alternatives that have similar gameplay. But each one still has a bit of a learning curve just like other titles in this genre. We recommend watching gameplay and streamers on YouTube or Twitch to get a feel for how to play each one and to see whether you’ll like it.