BattleBorn: 3 New Maps for Competitive Multiplayers

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After BattleBorn arrival in our world, they have been talking about a lot about having free content that will be coming soon, such as new modes, characters and maps. Now, the content has arrived! Announcing the 3 new maps that will coming in the next update! Each Competitive Multiplayer modes will have a new map that will bring new spins on the classic modes.

Incursion Map – Monuments


Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, has always been highly contested by those fleeing the darkened universe. All five factions have attempted settlements and bases on the planet, vying for territory and resources.

Your team’s ultimate goal on this map is to stop other factions from settling within one of the largest Aztanti settlement ruins on Ekkunar.

Meltdown Map – Outskirts


Despite a planet-wide Thrall rebellion, Minrec has established a new recycling/appeasement facility in the lower city slums of the Jennerit planet, Tempest. Your team must race against the enemy to hurl minions into the incinerators and cause a meltdown to appease Minrec.

Capture map – Snowblind


The Peacekeeper Ocoban Mining Facility has been freed from Varelsi and Imperium control on the icy moon Bliss, thanks to the Battleborn! Now, race other teams to help rebuild the base by activating the energy collectors to re-power the facility. Look out, though! Winning reconstruction contracts can be a competitive and brutal affair!

There are tips and tricks to different maps of the games, for more in depth information, click the link below regarding this update!

BattleBorn Update

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